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Date: Feb-03-2011
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health workers

Akwa ibom state health workers strike for non payment of consoladated salary scale

Feb-03-2011 regifab
women in niger delt

they are great women in niger delta that can make peace eg. ogoni women, tere-ama,obakri etc.

Feb-03-2011 benedicta
when i got a job

I was very happy when kebetkache employed me to work for her. still in Dakar for both conyenence and social forum but will miss everyone that came cos i am going back to my country on sunday.i will really miss ALL.

Feb-03-2011 Ugochi
Transparency & Poor Governanace in Niger Delta

The Oil rich Niger Delta region is quite synonymous with the terms “RESOURCE CURSE” or the “PARADOX of PLENTY”, as the region generates about 80% of the Nigerian export and 80-90% of government’s revenue, yet it is one of the least developed region with about 30 million inhabitants and ranked amongst the poorest in the country.

In many African countries, particularly Nigeria, income generated from national resources is clothed in secrecy. However, transparency can help improve the management of these revenues, bringing the benefits to ordinary citizens and offering huge potential...

Feb-03-2011 Philip
kebetkache participate in indymedia

I really enjoy myself in Dakar, because I have learnt alot about media and how to give report.

Feb-03-2011 idongesit

We arrived in Dakar on the first day of February 2011, the travel was so smooth and successful; I am grateful to God, and to Kebetkache Women's Development and Resource Center in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria.

Feb-03-2011 pauline
kebetkache participat in indymedia

am really enjoying my self in dakar because ihave learn alot about media and how to give report

Feb-03-2011 nicolehummel
FSM Dakar 2011

The World Social Forum

is an open meeting place where social movements, networks, NGOs and other civil society organizations opposed to neo-liberalism and a world dominated by capital or by any form of imperialism come together to pursue their thinking, to debate ideas democratically,

for formulate proposals,

share their experiences freely and network [url=]FSM [/url]for effective action. Since the first world encounter in 2001, it has taken the form of a permanent world process seeking and building alternatives to neo-liberal...

Feb-03-2011 AliDiallo

Le Forum Social Mondial

est un espace de débat démocratique d’idées, d’approfondissement de la réflexion, de formulation de propositions, d’échange d’expériences et d’articulation de mouvements sociaux, réseaux, ONGs et d'autres organisations de la société civile qui s’opposent au néo-libéralisme et à la domination du monde par le capital et par toute forme d’impérialisme. A la première rencontre mondiale de 2001 a succédé un processus mondial de recherche et de construction d’alternatives aux politiques néo-libérales. Cette définition est...

Feb-03-2011 oumar
Niger Delta women in Indymedia training in Dakar

The Kebetkache Women Development and Resource Centre mobilized 13 women from Nigeria's Niger Delta communities to participate in the independent media convergence center for the World Social Forum holding in Dakar, senegal, February 1 - 14, 2011.

Feb-03-2011 Emem