IMC-Africa Perspectives

Date: Feb-06-2011
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Organizers from Africa Indymedia and World Social Forum Begin Cooperation

Members of the Communications Commission of the World Social Forum met with the Africa Indypendent Media Center participants at the convergence space this evening, February 5, 2011.

Historically, both the WSF and IMC emerged from similar movements against neoliberal globalization by creating participatory structures both around organizing mass movements towards alternatives and in the process actually create those alternatives. In the case of media and communications, IMCs have been sucessful at bringing independent journalists, activists, and community members together to create...

Feb-06-2011 mallory
Date: Feb-04-2011
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For interested people, send an email to

Feb-04-2011 kareena
Opening Plenary: Friday, February 4

Friday Morning

We started with new introductions.

Reports from the Committees

Finance committee: So far, we are staying within budget. We are awaiting new funding. We will be meeting later today. From tomorrow, we are expecting an improvement in our finances. If you have a need, please come to the finance committee and if we can handle it we will handle it. By tomorrow we will know what we have spent so far, what is left, and what will take us through the rest of the project.

Welfare committee: We'd like to apologize for our logistical...

Feb-04-2011 jamie
Date: Feb-03-2011
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mother of peace in media training

iam happy to join the training today also enjoy the training because i have a new friend..that thought me how to operate computer which from united state new york city by name Nicole Hummel expect more.

Feb-03-2011 Charity
Participation de l'AME la convergence Indy Media Dakar FSM 2011

Participation de l'AME a la convergence Indy Media Dakar FSM 2011

Pourquoi nous sommes la?

L'Association Malienne des Expulses ([]AME[/url]) est présente a la convergence Indy Media Dakar FSM 2011 pour s'en acquérir des expériences des uns et des autres en matière de média.

Q'est ce que nous attendons?

Cela permettra a l'association, notamment son pool communication de renforcer sa capacité en création et hébergement de sites internet, de blog, traitement de vidéos, photos...

Feb-03-2011 Dakniang
My 2nd Day in Dakar

My happy day of learning computer in Dakar 2011.

Feb-03-2011 dorohey

The Oil rich Niger Delta region is quite synonymous with the terms “RESOURCE CURSE” or the “PARADOX of PLENTY”, as the region generates about 80% of the Nigerian export and 80-90% of government’s revenue, yet it is one of the least developed region with about 30 million inhabitants and ranked amongst the poorest in the country.

In many African countries, particularly Nigeria, income generated from national resources is clothed in secrecy. However, transparency can help improve the management of these revenues, bringing the benefits to ordinary citizens and offering huge potential...

Feb-03-2011 Philip
Dakar experience

My first experience in computer was Dakar in the year 2011.

Feb-03-2011 namon
women for media training

It my first time in Dakar, i enjoy my stayed, i learn french by all means and i think i like that. the important thing is that i learn about media and how to report story and make sure it is timely. now i know that i can not rely on one source for information and i have to construct my story very well and also plan well.

Feb-03-2011 iniabasi
ambazonian liberation movement

thanks to God that the imc-africa gave me the opportunity to attend the world social forum in Dakar, which has exposed me to the training on journalism and ict workings.

Feb-03-2011 victor