IMC-Africa Perspectives

Date: Feb-08-2011
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Development, Agriculture and Migration

The workshop was organized by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation on Monday, February 7, 2011. Panelists were draw from Mali, Cote D'Ivoire and Niger Republic. Experiences recounted reveal a common challenge in the African continent encountered by migrants, farmers and displaced persons. Panelists said farmers migrate from their countires to other African and European countries for want of better conditions of living. Farmers lack adequate financial resources to cater for their families. Most farmers form cooperative societies to enhance their businesses.

Several factors affecting...

Feb-08-2011 Emem
Date: Feb-07-2011
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computer experience

My first computer experince in I M C Africa Dakar 2011 was very exciting; it is a wonderfull experince that, I will not forget it in life Ime say bravo to the organisers of this programme.Furthermore my thanks goes to kebetkache who gave me the opportunity to be one of the partakers in this marvelous workshop:Iappreciate the effort of Nicole and Ross to make me computer literate.

Feb-07-2011 namon
World Social Forum may Experience a set back in Dakar

Its with much expectations that social activist around the world gathered again this morning to meet in the various workshop only to discover that most of the meetings have been botched due to resumption of academic activities in the host University.

From investigations,IMC-Africa learnt that the University has withdrawn its hosting rights due to the un expected population of activist and organizations that beseiged Dakar for this great meeting. 80% of the workshops has been cancelled, thereby making people to look for alternative events and venues to go to.

Will keep You...

Feb-07-2011 Philip
i love cooking in dakar

cooking in dakar is fun;

Feb-07-2011 stellac
The Opening March of the WSF Live

Eric Bernard ( source)

Sunday, February 6, with the opening march, started the World Social Forum 2011 in Dakar.

This FSM is covered extensively by the mainstream and alternative media, but have the disadvantage of being asynchronous. They talk about what happened, announce what will come, but do not say what is happening. What is the purpose of live coverage. Radio and television have accustomed us to live for major events. Internet opens the spectrum of possibilities for live for smaller events,...

Feb-07-2011 davidgabriel
WSF began with a BANG!

It was a thrilling sight to see a colour protest march on the 6th of Feb, 2011 with people coming from all over the world to express themselve in one common struggle to see change in the world.

The hunger to ensure that humanity is free from political,economic and human bondage by insensitive leaders with false promises/policies was displayed by the various array of social activist accross the world.

This interesting event which started in Brazil has fast gathered momementum as the participation has grown widely and more in number. The high point of the opening Event was the...

Feb-07-2011 Philip
Date: Feb-06-2011
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La Marche d’ouverture du FSM en direct : une analyse

La Marche d’ouverture du FSM en direct : une analyse
par Eric Bernard (source

Dimanche 6 février, avec la marche d’ouverture, débutait le Forum Social Mondial 2011 à Dakar.

Ce FSM est abondamment couvert par les médias traditionnels et alternatifs, mais ils ont le défaut d’être asynchrones. Ils parlent de ce qui est passé, annoncent ce qui viendra, mais ne permettent pas de dire ce qui est en train de se passer. Ce qui est l’objectif de la couverture en direct. La radio et la télévision nous...

Feb-06-2011 davidgabriel
building convergences for another world - African Revolution

building convergences for another world

please tweet #wsf2011 #fsm2011 #dakar #egypt

Feb-06-2011 davidgabriel

Emem Bridget Okon from Nigeria and Hauwa from Mali were nominated by the INDYMEDIA team to cover the PRE-World social Forum feminist forum holding at Kaloack.
Kaloack is about 4 hours drive from Dakar and the feminist forum was organized by a group of feminist organizations in Senegal and hosted by APROFES on February 4, 2011 at Kolack.

The opening ceremony featured cultural displays and speeches by feminists from across the francophone african countries and one of the Ministers from the government in Senegal. There was a large group of women representatives and several...

Feb-06-2011 Emem
WSF in Dakar

All delegates are ready to starting the forum by to day
We will discuss and see how we can change the world for
justice and human right ; for example to stoping sexual
slavery for women and child sexual abuse ;


Feb-06-2011 Jean Baptiste