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Date: Dec-05-2011
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Over come the blame work as united:civil soceity global movement

As the civil soceity groups we need to understand the picture about the capitalism.The poor must have standard of living and the rich must account where and how did the get rich in the expenses of the others.

Cop17 with civil soceity groups most had move out and gone back to their home,but expect justice on climate change/COp17.The 3rd of December a big Global day of action was embarked,but few days later on the 5th they was a protest but few civil soceity groups showed figh the capitalism we need more effort from the civil soceity groups.With matter of capitalism we can over...

Dec-05-2011 NdumisoSondezi
Navigating the inside/ outside of events & sessions around the COP17

Hey folks! for those interested in exploring the activities inside the negotiations at the ICC; a good friend provided these useful sites for a sense of how the proccess is moving along.





Dec-05-2011 motho
Date: Dec-04-2011
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The Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) is an alliance of networks that aims to strengthen the already existing and growing food sovereignty movement in Africa. The Pan African platform comprises networks and farmer organisations working in Africa...

Dec-04-2011 mofagio
Time to Occupy Durban's COP17 climate summit by Patrick Bond

Patrick Bond makes the case for the occupation of Durban during the COP17 summit, due to take place in the city between 28 November and 9 December.

There they fell during 2011, one after the other in past-their-prime domino descent: Zine El Abidine Ben Ali from Tunis, Hosni Mubarak from Cairo, Dominique Strauss-Kahn from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Muammar Gaddafi from Tripoli, Georgios...

Dec-04-2011 mofagio
Date: Mar-14-2011
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Photographs of the IMC-Africa

Ross, Joseph, Stella, and Chichi are making connections with social media

Video editing by Moussa and Mamadou after a day covering events at the World Social Forum.

Group shot at the IMC-Africa in Dakar


Mar-14-2011 mallory
Date: Feb-28-2011
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Soon-to-be Indymedia Radio Station in Mali (Translation of Radio Indymedia bientôt au Mali by Sekou Diawara)

After the World Social Forum in Dakar, radio WORT U.S. provided equipment for a community radio to the delegation of Mali-Indymedia. Sphinx and Nicole were designated to accompany the delegation of Mali to host a workshop for assembling the radio station. Here's the story of the journey Nicole shared upon her return to Dakar

On February 15, 2011 at 5 o'clock in the morning, Indymedia-Mali left Dakar for Bamako by bus. We spent the night at the border between Mali and Senegal.

17 February 2011 at 5:00 p.m, there was a meeting of different groups and associations involved in...

Feb-28-2011 nicolehummel
Date: Feb-27-2011
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Interview with Emem Okon at Oil Watch International Assembly, WSF 2011

Interview avec Emem Okon a l'Assemblee Internationale de Oil Watch, FSM 2011

Feb-27-2011 nicolehummel
Date: Feb-10-2011
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Wonderful Experience

I have been having a great session here at the forum.

Thanks Indymedia!

Feb-10-2011 Tope Gomez
Date: Feb-09-2011
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Comment écrire des emails, et aussi chatter! (How to write emails, and also chat!)

Ces derniers jours, j'ai assisté beaucoup de gens a ouvrir leurs premiers comptes e-mail. Hier soir, j'ai montré Bintou, Mariam, et Hawa qui viennent tous du Mali comment envoyer des photos par e-mail, et comment faire des "chat," pour qu'on puisse garder le contact quand on rentre chez nous! Maintenant il faut juste se rappeler du mot de passe....(!)

These past several days, I have been helping many people open their first email accounts. Last night, I showed Bintou, Mariam, and Hawa who are all from Mali, how to send photos via email and how to chat, so that we can stay in touch...

Feb-09-2011 nicolehummel
Date: Feb-08-2011
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Dakar 2011 une contradiction avec les principes du FSM

A la veille du Forum social Mondial (FSM), on note des affiches un peu partout dans la ville. L’université Cheick Anta Diop bien ornée de panneaux d’indication et de beaux stands. Cette université de référence dans la sous région a récusée du monde d’un peu partout de l’Afrique et d’autre continent. Notamment paysans, pécheurs, éleveurs, artisans, artistes, victimes d’expropriation foncière, expulses, étudiants, chercheurs et même certains soit disant intellectuels pour ne citer que ceux-ci.

Le Camp de Jeunes Thomas Sankara, qui est la base de la jeunesse manquent...

Feb-08-2011 mcoul