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Date: Aug-03-2015
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Update On Lagos Caravan Trip

Hi All,

Based on the deliberations at the meeting on August 2nd 2015, it is imperative to give an update on the
takeoff of the caravan from Lagos.

If the caravan was to take off on the 7th of August and stay the night in Lome and arrive in Accra on the 8th this will attract an additional cost of about $420.

But if we leave on the 7th we will arrive in Accra same day and enroute we can pick up the folks from Lome but at no additional cost.

Please let me know your views on this so we can take a decision as soon as possible.

Tentatively Lagos caravan...

Aug-03-2015 Gomez
Date: Jul-06-2015
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Accra Ticket Estimates Jul-06-2015 ald
Accra Concept Note

last updated: July 14, 2015

Jul-06-2015 ald
Date: Dec-09-2011
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Food Sovereignty and Food rebellions: two must read by Fahamu Books

Fahamu Books and Pambazuka Press recommend the following readings on food sovereignty, a radical alternative to adapt to climate change:

Food Sovereignty
Reconnecting Food, Nature and Community
Edited by Annette Aurélie Desmarais, Nettie Wiebe, Hannah Wittman

To learn more about "a new and radical agricultural practice – food sovereignty – which puts control in the hands of those who are both hungry and produce the world's food – peasants and family farmers – rather than corporate executives."

Dec-09-2011 mofagio
The "Road to Rio".

Click on the following blog posts for photos, video and other coverage of the Global Justice Ecology Project press conference today condemning the Green Economy and calling for a blockade of the "Road to Rio".

COP 17: Global Leaders Powerfully Denounce Green Economy; Expose its impacts on peoples and ecosystems

UN Security Ejects Youth Delegate Dressed as Uncle Sam Clown; Tells Journalists to Delete Photos

Corporate Clown Cast Out of Climate Circus


Dec-09-2011 motho
Date: Dec-08-2011
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Highlights of Video clips from Durban: Global Project (Italian)

Dec-08-2011 motho
Date: Dec-06-2011
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COP17 and Rural youth

Malungisa Youth Development (MYD) as part of rural community’s has taped – in, to sense – in peoples views about COP17. Actually it a global community concern but it is being addressed in a dictatorship approach through limitations. General people didn’t got a space to contribute in decision making process since its framed in political manner. That raise some questions : who represent who and how? As MYD we are not representing concerns but we are part of the concerns, our contribution since we produce media with the aim of getting another side of the story based on what is taking place....

Dec-06-2011 usiko
Date: Dec-05-2011
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Over come the blame work as united:civil soceity global movement

As the civil soceity groups we need to understand the picture about the capitalism.The poor must have standard of living and the rich must account where and how did the get rich in the expenses of the others.

Cop17 with civil soceity groups most had move out and gone back to their home,but expect justice on climate change/COp17.The 3rd of December a big Global day of action was embarked,but few days later on the 5th they was a protest but few civil soceity groups showed figh the capitalism we need more effort from the civil soceity groups.With matter of capitalism we can over...

Dec-05-2011 NdumisoSondezi
Navigating the inside/ outside of events & sessions around the COP17

Hey folks! for those interested in exploring the activities inside the negotiations at the ICC; a good friend provided these useful sites for a sense of how the proccess is moving along.





Dec-05-2011 motho
Date: Dec-04-2011
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The Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) is an alliance of networks that aims to strengthen the already existing and growing food sovereignty movement in Africa. The Pan African platform comprises networks and farmer organisations working in Africa...

Dec-04-2011 mofagio