Visit to Transatlantic Slave trade Memorials

Sun, 2015-08-16 15:56
Submitted by akonnor

A sister from Mali in front of the Cape Coast Castle

Participants of the Indymedia Africa 2015 Convergence in Accra- Ghana, wrapped up their 6 day convergence with a visit to the infamous Elmina and Cape Coast Castles, where millions of Africans where shackled with foot, arm and neck chains, tortured, raped, and murdered with indifference or shipped off from the continent to slavery.

Courtyard of the Cape Coast Castle

The tour guide treated the indymedia activists to the horror stories of the Castles. Including stories of the pitch dark dungeons of the Cape Coast Castle with no light or ventilation where a 1000 slaves were held at a time for at least 6 months before those who survive were shipped to Europe and the Americas.

Moussa and O'Law consider what the slaves could have seen last before disappearing to the dungeons

The activists are walked down into the dungeons

The slave were chained to the ground without any relief throughout, hence the evidence of the poo, pee and other bodily fluids is visible in the dungeons now lit for tourists.

Guide treats activists to the horror stories of the dungeons

A makeshift memorial has been created in the dungeons for those who didn’t make it out of there alive.
Makeshift memorial for those who died in the dungeons

The activists were shown special rooms in which girls will be taken to from the dungeons to be washed before the slave masters used them for their sexual satisfaction.

Activists from Sahara Reporters with the convergence capturing the full image of castle