Update On Lagos Caravan Trip

Mon, 2015-08-03 18:16
Submitted by Gomez

Hi All,

Based on the deliberations at the meeting on August 2nd 2015, it is imperative to give an update on the
takeoff of the caravan from Lagos.

If the caravan was to take off on the 7th of August and stay the night in Lome and arrive in Accra on the 8th this will attract an additional cost of about $420.

But if we leave on the 7th we will arrive in Accra same day and enroute we can pick up the folks from Lome but at no additional cost.

Please let me know your views on this so we can take a decision as soon as possible.

Tentatively Lagos caravan has been scheduled to leave on the 7th.

P.S. Only Kola has checked in with me on the caravan trip. Pls let's know if the crew from Cameroon as well as the crew from Port-Harcourt are still on board.

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