Township views on COP 17

Mon, 2011-12-05 17:33
Submitted by ThandoManzi

Many people in South Africa live in townships whether it is an indian community to an african community.The biggest problem we are facing in our communities is that the majority of the people are un aware on what is COP 17 and therefore their voices are not heard due to lack of access to information.

The first step I took was to first ask the masses "what is climate change?" the response was climate change is a white mans phenomena because previously there was no such thing as climate change when "our" grandfathers were occupying this land so why must we engage on these phenomenas. This already shows how people on the lower ground are denied proper access from knowing what is happening on top of them because first of all the government should be playing a huge role on educating its fellow citizens on this phenomena leaving it to NGO's and other community based organisations.

COP 17 for most people in townships is a waste of money because they do not have edequate basic needs which should provided by the government as South Africa is ranked as one of the countires with the highest service delivery protest in the world. The communities want a bottom up approach on their needs and are very furious that South Africa is hosting such events including the FIFA WORLD CUP while many of the Township or in broad south africans are being explioted by the government and big maltilateral companies to pay up to 6 times more then these companies pay per kwh.