Terrorism attack in Tunisia made the tourists fled the country

Sun, 2015-06-28 03:16
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A tragedical bloodbath hit Soussa, the Tunisian touristic city yesterday. A young man had used a Kalashnikov to shoot over 70people of tourists.

The accident was in El Kantaoui tourist zone in Soussa state, according to eye witnesses the terrorist got into the resort from the beach side holding a Kalashnikov hidden inside a parasol, he didn't raise any doubts.

the resort was turn into a blood bath, over 70 tourist were shooted; with 38 killed and around 40 injures, mostly from UK and Belgium.

Tunisia: First Pictures Of Gunman On Beach Emerge http://t.co/yUlZgy2J6S pic.twitter.com/8Hy6c09YHf— Sky News (@SkyNews) June 27, 2015

the regional delegate of tourism has confirmed the departure of almost 3000 tourist to different places in Europe, right after the attack.

the departure of tourists

Tunisia has known recently several terrorist attack, according to Sayida ounissi the Tunisian deputee "the terrorist phenomenal is not new in Tunisia" terrorist attacks had hit djerba in 2002, Solimane in 2007, two failed attacks in soussa and monastir in october2013, bardo museum in March2015 ; days before the World Social Forum took place in Tunis.

According the official travel advice website of the UK government : "There is a high threat from terrorism, including kidnapping…Further terrorist attacks in Tunisia, including in tourist resorts, are possible, including by individuals who are unknown to the authorities, and whose actions are inspired by terrorist groups via social media. However, our travel advice is based on objective assessments, drawing on expert sources of information available to the government including intelligence, local knowledge, and experience of our overseas staff. We keep travel advice under constant review."

The police took the suspect down after an exchange of fire with him. The civil protection has found the suspect's phone which according to witness he had thrown it in the sea.

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