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Fabian from UK with comrades of IMC-EAST LEGON

“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our own community. Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own’’ Cesar Chavez

The Indymedia Africa 2015 convergence came off successfully as brothers and sisters from Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Mali, Cameroon and DRC converged in Accra-Ghana.
All delegates were co-housed with other comrades of AMARC 11 at the University of Professional Studies-Accra (UPSA) Hostel. It was all fun, mind-blowing, socialization and academics towards societal change and community development.

Facilitators, to mention a few, Kola and O’law (from Nigeria), Byntou and Alassane (from Mali), Edith and Eric (from Cameroon), Jean-Marie and Philomene (from Togo) co-headed meetings and open dialogues on issues pertaining:
1. Violence faites aux femmes cas des aides menageres
2. Early pregnancy and the role of women in the society
3. Are Lawyers liars?
4. Conquering the oppressors: The imperative of Technology media
5. Identifying European Concepts that are still falsifying the African consciousness
6. Indigenous Development
7. IRC and Mailman
8. MAAT and African spirituality
9. Marriage, Teenage Pregnancy and the role of women in the society
10. Open Source technology(Hardware and Software)
11. Accuracy and verification in social media journalism
12. The Rudiments of Radio Broadcasting
13. The role Millar Open University plays in Indymedia
14. Web publishing
15. Web Radio and Freedom Phone
16. Youth in Governance, Leadership and Politics

Opal Tometi and Lydia Ajono’s superb contributions can’t be forgotten.

The six (6) day convergence was wrapped up with a visit to the ill-famed Elmina and Cape Coast Castles, where millions of AFRICANS were shackled with foot, arm and neck iron chains, tortured, murdered, raped with aloofness before shipped off from the continent into slavery.
The Indymedia Africa 2015 convergence in Accra motivated and inspired young ladies and men in the hosted vicinity to join the INDYmedia family. Community outreach was done. Students from nearby universities and colleges were called upon. Members in the community weren’t left out.

The first meeting was held and has since been held at the University of Professional Studies-Accra (UPSA) Hostel where Indymedia Africa and AMARC comrades were housed. For the beginning, fifteen (15) people made it to the meeting. Eight (8) of which were ladies. A lady and two comrades are workers of the University of Professional Studies-Accra (UPSA).Most comrades that showed up for the first meeting are students of Ghana Institute Languages (GIL) and University of Professional Studies-Accra (UPSA). The name IMC-EAST LEGON was adopted.


Our intention to join the Indymedia family was made known and clear via email the the imc mailing list.

So luckily for the birth of IMC-EAST LEGON, it happened that Fabian from UK who has worked on several grounds with IMC AFRICA was in Ghana. He passed through one of our meetings and briefly threw light on Journalism and how it has evolved over the past years through innovation of cell phones.

Fabian stressing on journalism and how it has evolved over the years through the innovation o cell phones

For creating a chance to work on an issue we deeply care about, our numbers keeps increasing in each meeting we organize. The chance to use what we have learnt to help real people (the community).A sister from Benin, Angele, has also joined us with the hope of returning to her home country and making Indymedia Africa and its objectives known to her comrades.
To be the mouthpiece of the community, IMC-EAST LEGON is not gender or religiously biased. We are a group of diverse individuals of different ethnic backgrounds, cultures and political affiliations. For joining the Indymedia family, reasons basically, the acquisition of the necessary ideas and training that will equip this young individuals communicate on issues that is not generally emphasized by the profit driven radio stations. To make valuable information available to the people from the grassroots.

Mr. Amekudzi k. Augustus who will be our technician has firsthand technical experience in radio and tv servicing and also building a miniature transmitter. He is the current electrical engineering technician for the University of Professional Studies-Accra (UPSA).
The coming together of members in building IMC-EAST LEGON is a good demonstration of how diverse group of people can come together with a sole objective of community development.
It is our outmost hope and desire that trainings, re-training, workshops and panels will be available to equip our brothers and sisters adjust to the new working environment. Finding creative ways to overcome obstacles on the road to social change.


To keep up with political, economic and social changes, tackling community issues is our way forward.
To be the voice of the voiceless, loudspeakers in our community, town and nation as a whole.

“By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community. ’Oscar Wilde

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