Over come the blame work as united:civil soceity global movement

Mon, 2011-12-05 18:34
Submitted by NdumisoSondezi

As the civil soceity groups we need to understand the picture about the capitalism.The poor must have standard of living and the rich must account where and how did the get rich in the expenses of the others.

Cop17 with civil soceity groups most had move out and gone back to their home,but expect justice on climate change/COp17.The 3rd of December a big Global day of action was embarked,but few days later on the 5th they was a protest but few civil soceity groups showed up.to figh the capitalism we need more effort from the civil soceity groups.With matter of capitalism we can over come it,if as the people we try to understand what really put us in this position of being traped with the capitalist.We know that most people believe that money rules,but why we don't find our ways to live without depending on cash.African counties have the most power to over come the captalism if they could come together,to bear in mind that South africa has the best would traded envorinental resoures,Zimbebwe has the richist soil to the plant tobacco...So it all about the understanding the policies that lead us to the point that countries,end up trade market for the governmental indvidual benefit.We claim that people now are treated well,but at this stage they are misused by the those hidding under politacal parties

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