Morocco: The baccalaureate examination leak

Tue, 2015-06-16 14:27
Submitted by nada

the posts on social media

In the last few years the baccalaureate exams have been repeatedly leaked to the social media minutes after the exams begins. Leaks that regularly occur on pages dedicated for this purpose called “Tasribat” (leaks). What's more, a very large number of young Moroccans follow these social media pages; posting exams, and even their corrections for the candidates who manage their way to log in to social media during exam.

While students’ reactions were different across the different regions of the country, the general sentiment was that of outraged. A school in Casablanca city had its own strange reaction for calling the law enforcement to contain the student rage toward the leaked exam, Still the students arranged sit-ins with the presence of their parents, demanding a rescheduling of the exam and the resignation of the minister of National education and professional training. "… when students cheat they are subjected to a zero tolerance policy. And, now when they cheated they tried to shut us up" said a student. Another student claims "the exam was extremely difficult and some part of it we have never seen nor studied it in class".

The Ministry of education has rescheduled the examination for June 12th according to a press release. The press release was accompanied by rumors the minister of education has given the student an easy exam to buy their silence.
While waiting for the results of investigation launched by the ministry; the leaker remains unknown.


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