Mali: Sofas Republic leads the inspirations of the youth

Sat, 2013-05-04 21:46
Submitted by Sekouba

‘’We, the Sofa Republic of Mali express our solidarity to all the soldiers died in honor field and also to the northern people assaulted and victims of raping, looting and vandalism’’.

These are the first words of this music from the young group Sofa republic created after the military coup last year in Mali. Sofas were warriors in the time of Emperor Soundiata Keita in the thirteenth century. They fought to protect and defend Mali Empire.

Sofas Republic wants to play the same role to protect and lead the Malian inspiration through sensitization of the youth to participate in edification of the country.
In the single video clip available on you tube, the members of the Sofas group are wearing blacks t-shirt written on them ‘’ that enough’’. They are young Malians rappers, journalists and film makers. They sing in local language Bambara and French. Mali is suffering .Politicians corrupt, population non active ‘’ that enough’’. We want a new Malian now ready to face the problem of the country. They said in sound.

Sofa republic have made strong critic against the former regime that they accused of manipulating the Malians. For them, the situation in northern Mali is caused by the failure of politicians who are after their own interest rather than the interest of Mali and its people.

The sofas also have denounced the attitude of the army to control the country without democratic values .Our democracy is kidnapped by the army. ‘’That enough’’. Captain Sanogo and his troop must go quickly in north to save the country. These are the last message of music.

Presently the group is campaigning in the different districts of Bamako to sensitize the youth to register to vote in the July election. Their objective is to push many young people to vote for rights politicians. The idea is to renew the political landscape of Mali to avoid manipulation of the people.