Mali president returns home after beating attack

Sat, 2012-07-28 16:06
Submitted by Sekouba

Mali's interim president returned home Friday, two months after seeking medical treatment in France when he was badly beaten by protesters who back a coup leader hanging onto power.

Dioncounda Traore became the country's president in April after the soldiers behind a March coup agreed in principle to hand over power to an interim civilian government. The coup leader, though, has shown no signs of leaving.

In May, his supporters broke through a security cordon and attacked Traore in his office. He was brought unconscious to a hospital, and demonstrators were seen hoisting his bloody tie and shoe in celebration.

the head of military junta , Sanogo was in airport to welcome the President. He has promised on national TV that the malian army will take care of Dioncounda security. The President has forgiven his attackers and made request to all malians to forgive for the Mali interests.