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oin va etudier comment on cree un blog,n'est-ce pas? nous sommes a Dakar pour le forum social mondial.eld in Dakar from 6 to 11 February 2011. Four workshops are planned on major issues such as emerging countries, migration, social media, community radios stations. Below the provisory program.

February 7, 12h30 – 15h30
Workshop 1: Emerging countries, African countries: new geopolitical challenges, new information challenges?

Africa is the setting for and a challenge to competitiveness among emerging countries (China, India, not even mention Brazil, etc.) and developed countries; be it financial investment, trade, exploitation of natural resources (land, mines, and wood), or even the circulation of people. The main issue is how are citizens and social movements of emerging countries informed, and how do they influence their own countries’ strategies and policies concerning Africa? In short: is another globalisation of information – that of citizen information in favour of citizenship and active solidarity between African and emerging countries – possible?

Panel: Kwesi Obeng (TWN), Fatma Allo (Tanzanie), Emmanuel Maya (DailySun-Nigeria), Edwin Kumah Drah (Ghana)

February 7, 16h – 19h
Workshop 2: Media (old and new) faced with the challenges of migration

Worldwide, huge migratory movements are not necessarily in the direction of (West African) developed countries. How have these movements heard about other viewpoints; enlightened and militant even, (social movements) in order to influence migratory policies? What is the ‘migrant media’ for? How can migrants make themselves heard? How to strengthen their influence? Can the new media significantly strengthen the influence of social movements dependent on another worldwide policy on circulation?

Panel:Aly Tandian (GERM), Emmanuel Maya (Nigeria), Manuel Domergue (Alternatives économiques)

February 8, 16h00 – 19h00
Workshop 3: Social movements; social media

How are social movements appropriating for themselves the social media? Can social media be a

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