Discussion of International Media Solidarity at the NCRC

Tue, 2015-06-30 23:08
Submitted by ald

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada — Several sessions were held on international, cross-sector media solidarity at the annual meeting of the National Campus and Community Radio Association, held last month in the port city of Saint John. Plans are being made to attend and assist with fundraising for the Accra Convergence.
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The National Campus & Community Radio Conference (NCRC) is held every year and convenes staff and volunteers from community radio stations across Canada. This year's gathering included skillsharing workshops, governmental plenary sessions, an "open space" planning session, and was followed by the meeting of the Board of Directors.

Sphinx and Amy from the Indymedia Africa Working Group presented a workshop on the Independent Media Convergence Center planned for this August in Ghana, in conjunction with the International Assembly of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC). The session was well attended and participants decided to introduce the theme as an item for the "open space" planning session.

The need for international, cross-sector media collaboration was discussed as relevant both as an expression of political solidarity, as well for the purposes of providing training and experiences to the staff and volunteers of NCRA's member stations.

Below are the rest of the notes taken during the session. Follow up was delegated to a working group, which will liaison with the Indymedia Africa Working Group.

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