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In less than one month, grassroots communicators from across Africa will converge in Accra, Ghana for the sixth Independent Media Convergence planned by the IMC-Africa Working Group.
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IMAGE: Stephen Nyash communicating "by any means necessary." Rest in Peace, Rest in Power!

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Our sixth convergence is planned in cooperation with the World Association of Community Broadcasters (AMARC) which is having its International Assembly in Accra on August 10-14. The Indymedia Convergence will convene 6 days prior to that, on August 4, for a participatory training and networking experience that is the CONVERGENCE. We will then join with the AMARC International Assembly from August 10-14, creating an opportunity for these new media makers to network with and learn from the hundreds of experienced practitioners who will be in town from around the globe. As part of this, we will present a report to the AMARC plenary regarding the work that we did during the Indymedia Convergence. Finally we will have a wrap-up session after the closing of the AMARC Conference on August 15.

What will happen from August 4-10? The convergence will be run as a microcosms of a participatory society, democratically making decisions as to the details of this small community — from how to prepare our food, to who goes to cover what event, to what radio or websites we collaborate with. Using “open space technology,” we will propose and prioritize among the various training opportunities assembled. Using an “each-one-teach-two” community-based learning model, we will coordinate intensive, hands-on training in the latest innovations in community media and internet technology.

radio station building at 2007 indymedia Convergence

How do I propose a workshop? You do not have to wait until we are in Accra to propose a workshop. Delegates and partner organizations can propose workshops in advance via the IMC Africa Working Group’s email list,, or by attending the IRC chat which is held every Sunday at 2pm Accra Time. There is no competitive process for approving workshops beyond the responsive interest that is shown by your peers. We will work together to hone workshop ideas where necessary, and in some cases similar proposals may be grouped together to promote collaboration and cross-fertilization of ideas. For more information, see:
* Convergence Schedule (a working document)
* Convergence Pedagogy
* More about Open Space Technology:

Building Radio transmitter for local station at 2007 Convegence

So far, two particular grassroots media technologies / models have risen to the surface for particular focus at this convergence:
* The strategic development of of campus-community radio partnerships
* The use and further development of of Freedom Fone, a tool for grassroots participation where internet connection is unreliable but cell phone coverage is accessible.

Additionally, the following political organizing priorities have been recurring in our planning:
* building sustainable international solidarity with historically underprivileged communities
* coordinating effective support networks for the safety of all journalists
* promoting community-based solutions for food security and climate change adaptation

Other themes are welcome at the table.

What do I need to know if I want to attend the Indymedia Convergence at Accra?

If you have already been named as a delegate:
You need to make sure you have provided the planning team with the following information:
* A short bio describing your grassroots media and organizing work
* The city from which you plan to depart
* Any scheduling restrictions you have
* Any special dietary needs you have
* If you will require financial assistance to cover visa fees, immunizations, ground transportation or other expenses. if so, please indicate anticipated amounts.
* if you are in a country which needs a visa to enter Ghana, you also need to send an email to Sphinx ( and Moussa ( including : (1) your name as written on your passport, (2) your nationality, (3) your passport number, (4-6) your passport place of issue, date of issue and date of expiry, (7-8) your expected date of arrival and departure.

If you would like to come, but have not been named as a delegate:
* You need to alert the IMC-Africa Working Group as to your intention to come via the listserv. Please include your anticipated date of arrival and departure, and any special dietary needs you have.
* Please let us know what you can contribute to the common costs of the convergence.
* Please let us know if you will be representing any particular organization.
* Please let us know if you have already registered for the AMARC International Assembly, or if you will need our assistance to do this.
* We are challenging all people from the global north who are able to raise their own funds to also raise funds for at least one delegate from an African country. See below for resources for fundraising.

If you are not able to come, but want to help:
You can help us make this happen in two ways:
* By participating in our relational fundraising effort. Please challenge yourself, your family, your media production collective or grassroots organization, or any grouping of people you wish to engage to work together to raise funds to cover the expenses of at least one African delegate. Travel costs will range from $400 to $4000 per delegate. See THIS CHART for an estimate of the travel costs, broken down by country.
* By helping us gather technical equipment. Here is our wish list:


Links to updated documents:
* Concept Note
* Travel Cost Breakdown
* Convergence Schedule
* Convergence Pedagogy
* Equipment Wish List