Agba Jalingo Speaks

Thu, 2011-02-03 14:32
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Community Reporting Workshop by Jalingo
Agba Jalingo speaks to IMC-Africa.
The activist and community reporter Agba Jalingo presents the first workshop to the IMC-Africa Convergence. In his address he offers a number of techniques for developing a strong community report. Trained as a journalist, Jalingo brings a wealth of experience into the process. Among his suggestions, he suggests the following things for writing a good story:

  1. Story that is timely.
  2. Make sure your story has relevance to the population.
  3. Unusual nature of the story, this makes the story exciting and increases
  4. Human interest stories can increase readership, especially for community reporting.
  5. Be sensitive to the words that appeal to people.
  6. If there's no conflict there's no news.
  7. Go back to the people to find out the effect of events on their lives.
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