"This is the 17th conference but the climate change is increasingly happening" says UKZN( Howard college campus) students

Wed, 2011-12-07 16:38
Submitted by LethuSangweni

one may start by asking him or her self, what is climate change? what is it called in IsiZulu? lot of student who attended the conference said that since the first conference till now, nothing has happened to reduce climate change. one may even ask him/her self where does all the NGOz get the the money to make thier organisation work. Some NGO's get sponsed by the pollutors them self.
most student made it clear that climate is not change by capitals but by people. even if climate is getting damege the pollutors are still getting away with it course they have money. and the only thing goverment is doing is to taxi them not stop them.
Lots of money which is being over used on fighing against climate change, can help in creating climate freindly business oppotunity.
the problems were clearly stated that climate is getting damaged, the solutions as to how can one stop it are not clear.but we can't over look the fact that most poor people are told or trained to reuse and share what they have,but rich people over use and sharing is not any option. then when the climate get damaged mostly by capitalist, they give poor poeple food,money and free shirts to tell them unit in a fight against climate change.
To conclude COP help to teach and expose the pollutors, at the end they encourege taxing of them(pollutors) so that they can get mnoney too. so until there are valid solutions to climate change its just another business under capitalism.