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We Lost 12 Aid Workers In Nigeria Last Year –UN

Sahara Reporters - Thu, 2020-01-16 17:23

The United Nations Resident Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, Edward Kallon, has said that a total of 12 humanitarian workers lost their lives in 2019.

He called on abductors of the two aids workers still held to release them immediately.

In a statement by the UNOCHA Nigeria on Thursday, he said, “A total of 12 aid workers lost their lives in 2019. 

“This is twice more than in 2018, which we thought was amongst the most dangerous years for humanitarian actors in Nigeria. 

“Aid workers and the assistance they provide to the most vulnerable populations make the difference between life and death for entire communities in crisis-affected Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states. Their security is paramount and I call on all parties to assure the safety of aid workers and the unimpeded delivery of humanitarian aid.

“Despite this encouraging news, I am concerned about the fate of the other civilians abducted in this incident. 

“I also remain gravely concerned for the lives of our ACF colleague Grace Taku, abducted near Damasak in July 2019, and Alice Loksha, a nurse and a mother, abducted during an attack in Rann in March 2018. 

“Both are still held captive by non-state armed groups. The United Nations and its humanitarian partners call for their immediate and safe release. 

“I am deeply relieved that some civilians, including three aid workers, who were abducted by non-state armed groups along the Monguno-Maiduguri Road on December 22, 2019 have been released yesterday and are now safe. 

“The whole humanitarian community in Nigeria shares the joy of the families, friends and colleagues of these aid workers, who can now put to rest the unimaginable anxiety of missing their loved ones.”

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Again, Lulu-Briggs’ Widow Tackles Stepson Over Husband’s Autopsy Report

Sahara Reporters - Thu, 2020-01-16 17:14

Widow of founder of Moni Pulo Limited, High Chief Olu Benson Lulu-Briggs, Seinye, has again accused her stepson, Dumo Lulu-Briggs, of working hard to prevent the release of the result of the autopsy carried out on the late billionaire oil magnate, thereby delaying his burial.

Recall that the two – Seinye and Dumo – have had disagreements in recent times over the delay in the release of the autopsy report without which the burial of the 88-year-old respected traditional chief cannot hold. 

In a statement through her spokesperson on Thursday, Oraye St. Franklyn, the widow said that the former Rivers State governorship candidate was blocking the release of the report because it dispels any suspicion and claim of she having a hand in the death of Lulu-Briggs.

The statement reads, “It is more than a year since the body of High Chief (Dr) O. B. Lulu-Briggs has been in a mortuary awaiting interment because his three eldest sons led by Dumo Lulu-Briggs are bent on obtaining their father’s legacy assets which the High Chief during his lifetime had secured in a Trust for the benefit of his grandchildren and future generations.

“In their quest to obtain the said assets, they falsely accused his wife and next-of-kin of being responsible for his death. 

“They wrote petitions to that effect to both the Nigerian and Ghanaian Police and arranged for an autopsy to be done on July 12, 2019, without her involvement. This they did amongst others in their bid to fabricate untrue evidence to corroborate their allegations, the consequence of which would be death by law.

“To guarantee the integrity and independence of the autopsy, she approached the High Court of Ghana to ensure that a neutral body conducted the autopsy and assure representation of observer pathologists representing her three stepsons, Senibo, Dumo and Sofiri Lulu-Briggs, herself and their four siblings, respectively.

“Dumo and his brothers participated in the autopsy and were represented by two renowned pathologists, Dr. Francis Adedayo Faduyile, current President of the Nigerian Medical Association and renowned Ghanaian pathologist, Prof Agyeman Akosa. To this day, none of them have disputed the position of the Ghanaian Military and Police that the autopsy was properly done. 

“Since the brothers lost control to contrive and manipulate the outcome of the autopsy, Dumo has done everything possible to ensure its result was not released.

“It is surprising that Dumo who called for the autopsy to ascertain the cause of death of his father and has fully participated in the investigations including the autopsy, would turn around to block the release of the report. 

“He denies appealing the judgment, meanwhile court papers clearly show that he is lying to whip up public sentiment, sympathy and support.”

Earlier reacting to the allegation through his spokesperson, Uche Woke, Dumo posited that he never blocked the release of the autopsy result, disclosing that all the family was after at the moment was to bury their late father.

Woke said, “Dumo Lulu-Briggs clearly stated that the supposed pre-conditions as ordered by the court has been met since December 24, 2019 and it was by far the easiest thing to meet as long as it allows them access to the mortal remains of their late father to enable the family sit and plan for his burial as required by customs.

“Chief Dumo also explained that the second pre-condition stated in the ruling is not beholden to him as he cannot in any way be the person who will appoint for Seinye her representatives that will accompany him and the family to convey the remains from Accra to Nigeria on the set date.

“Chief Dumo believes that he can only be held responsible if he or any member of the Oruwari Briggs family rejects the representatives appointed by his stepmother which he is sure will not happen as the family is tired of having to go back and forth on the matter and the increasing delay of the burial of their father is becoming wearisome to the family.

“All his family is interested in is that she releases the body of their father to the family so they can go ahead and plan for his burial and if there are other issues she has with him, that can be resolved later but in the interim, he is more interested and concerned with giving his father a befitting burial.”

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Court Dismisses Former Employee’s Libel Suit Against Eunisell

Sahara Reporters - Thu, 2020-01-16 12:59

An Abuja High Court has dismissed a defamation case filed against Eunisell Limited and two others.

The suit, filed by Kenneth Ndubisi Amadi, a former employee, and two others, was thrown out in its entirety with costs awarded in favour of the defendants.

The 1st claimant, Amadi, had approached the court for alleged defamation against him and sought special damages from the defendants.

Amadi is alleged to have obtained the sum of N2.9bn belonging to Eunisell under false pretenses with intent to defraud the company.

Eunisell petitioned the police, seeking their intervention and investigation against the background of Amadi’s suspected criminal misconduct whilst he was in their employ.

Amadi complained that the action of his former employer affected his credibility and sought redress.

But Justice Jude Okeke of the High Court, Abuja, held that, “Upon a calm consideration of the contents of the circumstances of the defendants’ claims against the conducts of Amadi, the 1st claimant, the respectful view that the defendants as the then employers of the 1st claimant when the alleged diversion of funds occurred, are persons who have interest in writing the petition to enable the police to investigate the allegation against the claimants.

“The police on its part being a body charged under Section 4 of the Police Act to investigate and detect commission of crimes, has a duty or interest in receiving the complaint in the exercise of its duties.

“It is the public duty of anyone who knows or reasonably believes that a crime has been committed to assist in the discovery of the wrong doer.”

Justice Okeke noted that the offensive words, which constitute the ‘defamation’ in either the petition or other publications were not set out in the pleadings as mandatorily required by law.

The ruling stated, “The libel and or publications having not been made out the other reliefs predicated on the defamation by way of general and special damages as claimed have no basis to stand. 

“It is for this reason that all other reliefs or facet of the claimants’ case cannot be sustained. They are dismissed.” 

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Operation Amotekun Not Illegal: A Reply To Attorney General, Malami By Festus Ogun

Sahara Reporters - Thu, 2020-01-16 12:56

Attorney-General of the Federation, Mr Abubakar Malami, has described as illegal the newly launched South-West security outfit codenamed, Amotekun. The chief law officer, acting on behalf of the Federal Government, strongly posited that “no state government, whether singly or in a group has the legal right and competence to establish any form of organisation or agency for the defence of Nigeria or any of its constituent parts”. 

This development, expectedly, did not go well with many Nigerians and has been a subject of hot debates and controversies. Therefore, in this unsolicited but imperative legal opinion, efforts would be made to dissect the legal position of the Federal Government on Amotekun and other ancillary matters arising therefrom.

It is crucial to clearly state the two major grounds upon which Mr Malami declared Amotekun as illegal. One, he said the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended), herein referred to as “the Constitution”, established the Army, Navy and Air Force, Police, et. al and consequently, no state has the right in law to establish any form of security organization for the defence of Nigeria or any of its part. He cited Item 45 of the Second Schedule of the constitution. Two, he argued that his office was not consulted on the matter. That if the South-West governors had consulted, he would have provided proper “guidance” that will help avoid the “illegality”.

On the first ground, it is a truism that the “police and other security agencies established by law” are exclusively the business of the Federal Government as provided under the Item 45 of the Second Schedule of the 1999 constitution. 

The question that follows, therefore, is: is Operation Amotekun a form of state police abhorred by our constitution? Well, during the official launch of the Operation, the answer to this important poser was lucidly given. It was Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, and the executive Governor of Ondo State, who made it abundantly clear that “Operation Amotekun is not an alternative to the Police Force but (a) complement conventional security outfit”. In other words, Operation Amotekun is simply a local intelligence gathering outfit. Being a complement to the Nigerian Police by way of native intelligence gathering is not illegal under our constitution or any law whatsoever. Operation Amotekun is, therefore, not only constitutional but highly patriotic. Anyone in doubt about this may read together the effect of the provision of Sections 24(e) and 14(2)(b) of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

To further buttress this point that Operation Amotekun doesn’t run contrary to any written law in Nigeria, Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State made it known that the personnel of the operation would bear no arm. The outfit was simply an intelligence gathering one which would help the police in no small measure to bring about peace and orderliness in our country. So, if Section 14(2)(b) of the 1999 constitution provides that the "the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government", it is not out of place or illegal for the government of states in a region to come together and establish an intelligence gathering outfit which will aid and complement the efforts of the Nigerian Police Force in achieving that purpose.

Therefore, it is important to respectfully state that it only appears the Attorney-General of the Federation seems not to be abreast of what Amotekun is all about before making the pronouncement. The position of the law canvassed by the learned Attorney General, most humbly, only apply to state policing and other security agencies established by law and not a native intelligence gathering outfit. If Mr Malami was patient enough to get abreast of what the operation is about, he wouldn't have arrived at that hasty and erroneous conclusion.

Let us even assume without conceding that Operation Amotekun is "illegal", we are of the humble opinion that it doesn't lie in the mouth of the learned AGF to declare it as same. It is only the court that has the inherent power and constitutional jurisdiction to pronounce Operation Amotekun as illegal and unconstitutional. 

On the second ground, it is rather surprising that the learned Attorney-General of the Federation expected the South-West governors to consult him for advice, guidance and directive. It is improper for the AGF to have that expectation because: one, it is not a requirement of law and two because it is not the AGF who will dictate to the governors the best way to implement their constitutional mandate to secure the lives and properties of their people. Making such a consultation is quite unnecessary and alien to our polity. It shows clearly the AGF seem to be arrogating too much powers to himself.

Beyond the legalese, it must be emphasised that this back and forth on Amotekun would have been needless and avoidable if ours was a true federal system. The present federal structure is just too faulty and unsustainable. The fallacious federalism we practice in Nigeria is dubious, fictitious and fraudulent. If the true federalism is what we indeed practice, I bet this issue would not have arisen at all.

Additionally, this sad situation is only a quick reminder that this centralised policing system is inefficient, weak and unsustainable in a federal system. There would have been no need for Operation Amotekun in the first place if our security agencies have not failed in their primary duty to safeguard the lives and properties of the citizens. With the growing rate of banditry, kidnapping, herdsmen attacks, terrorism and others, one would expect a strong and efficient policing system. What do one expect the helpless citizens to do when the state security has failed? Self-help and self-defence, provided for under Section 33(2)(a), which is inimical to the corporate existence of the country. 

Frankly speaking, it appears the learned Attorney General is more political than legal on this issue. I really cannot understand why the AGF will be quick to declare illegal Operation Amotekun and would shun his eyes away from the Hisbah Police (a state police), Joint Task Force and other security agencies in the country, particularly in the north. It was in the news recently that Hisbah Police even had the gut to arrest an officer of the Nigerian Police Force. Like an average Marlian, the AGF decided to “look away” on all this but left no stone unturned is “illegalising” Amotekun. We must be curious!

Although I am not an ethnicist, I make bold to say there is a growing rate of social and political inequality in the country. Yes, I know verily that it is improper to justify a ‘wrong’ by making reference to another wrong elsewhere. The attitude of the AGF, condemning one and maintaining a bias neutrality on the other, is at best hypocritical and a show of one-sidedness. This unfairness and biasness should give all desirous of the continuous existence of Nigeria a cause to worry.

In conclusion, Operation Amotekun has its many flaws that must be quickly remedied by the relevant parties. First, it is merely a reactionary initiative and that is precarious. Again, the stakeholders in charge were beclouded by emotions and were in a rush while birthing the idea without necessarily dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. It is uncontestable that the initiative is a great one but the planning and implementation were so poor. Be that as it may, the idea is a progressive one that must be supported by all patriots. The benefits in Amotekun is far beyond the challenges and inadequacies. 

I hereby enjoin the stakeholders to ensure the enactment of an enabling law establishing Amotekun in the six South-West states. Although, even if an enabling law is established to that effect, it would in no way affect the legality of the operation when viewed from Mr Malami’s lens. So, assuming it has been enacted as law before now, it would have still been ‘illegal’ according to Mr Malami’s argument. 

I also suggest that the operation manuals of the team should be made public for all and sundry to read so as the initiative not to get misunderstood.

For the governors, I charge them never to be cowed or bow to pressure. This is a challenging time that the initiators must never comprise standard for cheap political reason by standing strong on their grounds and at their suffering people.

Nothing, nobody, can stop an idea whose time has come.

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Delta Police, Court Workers, Lawyers Clash Disrupt Trial Of Ritual Suspects

Sahara Reporters - Thu, 2020-01-16 12:48

The trial of suspects in the ritual killing of a 300-level Mass Communication undergraduate of Delta State University, Abraka, Elozino Ogege, was on Wednesday disrupted following a clash between policemen on the convoy of Commissioner of Police in the state, Hafiz Inuwa, lawyers and court workers at the Delta State High Court, Asaba. 

Narrating the incident to SaharaReporters, a lawyer, who witnessed the whole drama and gave his name only as Gospel, said trouble started when the policemen emerged from their vehicles and forcefully dismantled the barricade usually mounted on the road at the court premises during session.

He said, “As this was happening, lawyers and some of court workers came out from the courtroom and challenged the policemen for removing the barricade when they know that the court was in session.

“This led to exchange of blows while passerby stood and watch the drama.

“The show of shame which lasted over an hour, saw the policemen overpowering the court workers and lawyers and creating access for the police boss.”

It was gathered that following the action of the police, the presiding judge, Justice Azinge, adjourn abruptly and later re-convened.

Speaking on the incident, the Commissioner of Police, Inuwa, said there was no issue and that he was   not aware that the court was in session at the time of the incident.

He said, “It is a public road, and no one has right to block it. 

“However, I was not aware that the court was in session. So, I have already asked the DPO to apologise to the magistrate because there was no need for siren since the court was sitting.”


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Nigeria's Attorney General Lacks Power To Outlaw Amotekun By Femi Falana

Sahara Reporters - Thu, 2020-01-16 12:20

Before the official launch of Amotekun in Ibadan, Oyo State, last week, the Inspector-General of Police, Mr Mohammed Adamu, held a meeting with South-West governors represented by Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State. 

At the end of the meeting, the police endorsed the security initiative. By virtue of section 318 of the constitution, the word "government" is said to include the government of the federation or any state or local government council or any person, who exercises power or authority on its behalf. 

Thus, through the Inspector-General of Police, the federal government had ratified the establishment of Amotekun. Therefore, the statement of the Attorney-General of the Federal Government that he was not consulted before the establishment of Amotekun is totally uncalled for and ought to be ignored by South-West governors. 

With respect, Mr Malami's purported proscription of Amotekun is hypocritical and discriminatory on the grounds that the Civilian JTF operating in Yobe and Borno states is constituted by 26,000 well armed volunteers, who have been assisting the armed forces to combat terrorism in the North-East region. 

Similarly, the governments of Kano and Zamfara states have established the Hisbar Commission. It is common knowledge that the Hisbar operatives in Zamfara State recently arrested a policeman alleged to have been caught in company with three women. 

The Lagos State Government has equally established the Neighbourhood Watch to assist the Police and other security agencies in protecting the life and property of every person living in Lagos. 

No doubt, section 214 of the constitution stipulates that there shall be only one police force in Nigeria. But the federal government has breached the constitution by setting up other police forces. For instance, the Nigerian Security and Defence Corps is another police force established by law. 

The State Security Service is also a police force established by law. Its operatives are well armed. They wear masks even in broad daylight. 

The federal government has also authorised officials of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, the Independent Corrupt Practices and Offences Commission, Nigeria Customs Service, Nigeria Correctional Service and other paramilitary agencies to bear arms. 

To that extent, the federal government cannot stop any state from setting a security outfit. In fact, having lost control of the monopoly of violence to armed gangs in the various parts of the country, the federal government lacks the legal, political and moral right to challenge security outfits set up by state governments and individuals to protect the lives and property of the people of Nigeria.

It is pertinent to point out that as chief security officers in the respective states, governors have the power to adopt measures deemed fit within the ambit of the law to ensure the maintenance of law and order. 

In Attorney-General of Anambra State v Attorney-General of the Federation (2005) 9 NWLR (Pt 931) 572 the Supreme Court held that, “The constitution in section 215 subsection (1) clearly gives the Governor of Anambra State the power to issue lawful direction to the Commissioner of Police, Anambra State in connection with securing public safety and order in the state.”

In Inspector-General of Police v ANPP (2008) 12 WRN 65, it was held by the federal high court that police permit for rallies was illegal and unconstitutional and that the governor is the appropriate authority who may delegate powers under the Public Order Act to a Commissioner of Police for the purpose of convening any meeting or rally. 

It was further held that the Inspector-General of Police cannot exercise any power under the Act. The decision was upheld by the Court of Appeal in All Nigeria Peoples Party & Ors. v. Inspector-General of Police (2008) 12 WRN 65.

As tribunal of enquiry is not provided for in either the exclusive or concurrent legislative list it is a residuary matter. Hence, in Chief Gani Fawehinmi v. Ibrahim Babangida (2003) 12 WRN 1, the Supreme Court held that the power to set a Tribunal of Inquiry is vested in state governors and that the power of the President to institute a commission of enquiry under the Tribunal of Enquiry Act is limited to the Federal Capital Territory. 

In view of the aforesaid decided cases of our courts the Federal Government does not have exclusive control over law and order in any of the 36 states of the federation. 

No doubt, Mr Malami has anchored his controversial legal opinion on section 227 of the constitution, which provides that "No association shall retain, organise, train or equip any person or group of persons for the purpose of enabling them to be employed for the use or display of physical force or coercion in promoting any political objective or interest or in such manner as to arouse reasonable apprehension that they are organised and trained or equipped for that purpose."

Since Amotekun is not an outfit set up by South-West governors to harass or intimidate political opponents, it cannot be prohibited under section 227 or any other provision of the constitution.

In other words, the constitution has not prohibited the establishment of security outfits for the defence of the people of Nigeria. 

However, if Mr Malami is convinced that his position is backed by law, he should approach the Supreme Court to test the constitutional validity of Amotekun. 

Meanwhile, the governments of Ekiti, Ondo, Osun, Ogun and Oyo states are advised to ignore Mr Malami's purported proscription and proceed to enact the necessary laws similar to the Neighbourhood Watch Law of Lagos State.

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I Do Not Agree With Supreme Court Ruling But Have To Respect It –Ihedioha

Sahara Reporters - Thu, 2020-01-16 12:12

Sacked governor of Imo State, Emeka Ihedioha, has said that he does not agree with the judgment of the Supreme Court that ordered his removal from office but had no option but to obey the ruling.

Ihedioha however, said that the court did not consider the fact and legal precedence while delivering the ruling.

He said, “No doubt, the Supreme Court’s verdict came to us as a rude shock and surprise considering the facts on ground, legal precedence and clear verdict of Imo people on March 9, 2019, that returned me as governor with the highest valid votes of 273,404.

“I do not agree with the judgment of the Supreme Court. I think it is unfair, unjust and does not reflect the voting that took place during the elections. 

“It also didn’t take care of the sensibilities of the people of Imo State. But as true democrats, Engr Gerald Irona and I have no option but to respect the outcome of that judgment.”

He announced that he had put machinery in place to begin the handing over process as he directed all political appointees to send in their resignation letter and also return all state properties in their possession.


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Supreme Court Worked To Our Expectation –Imo Governor, Uzodinma

Sahara Reporters - Thu, 2020-01-16 12:09

New governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma, has described the ruling of the Supreme Court as what was expected.

Uzodinma, who was declared winner of the March 2019 Imo State governorship election by the Supreme Court on Tuesday, said the tribunal and the Appeal Court acted wrongly by not ruling in his favour.

Speaking to journalists after receiving his Certificate of Return from the Independent National Electoral Commission, Uzodinma said the people of Imo were denied their choice of leadership with Emeka Ihedioha announced as winner after the election.

He added that his victory at the apex court showed the judiciary was functioning.

He said, “That is what we did and the first court did not do what we wanted. The second court followed through, but the Supreme Court used its eagle eye and gave us victory.

“We thank God that at the end of the day the wishes and mandate of Imo people have been recognised.

“We owe this victory to God Almighty. We owe it to the functional judiciary. That our judiciary is working and the Supreme Court worked to expectation.”

Uzodinma had in his first move after being declared winner by the court written to all financial institutions to freeze the government's account until further notice.

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Some Nigerians Yet To Learn From Civil War –Nigerian Government

Sahara Reporters - Thu, 2020-01-16 11:53

The Nigerian Government has said that some citizens were yet to learn from the loss suffered during the civil war.

The government posited that some Nigerians were making the mistake of what led to the 1967 war.

In a statement by the Presidency on Wednesday, the government said the people must unite and forge common memory to free the country.

The statement reads, “As the nation commemorates 50 years of the end of the nation’s tragic civil war today, we remember victims of the conflict and honour those on both sides that lost their lives. Their tragedy shall be neither forgotten nor repeated.

“We remember the past to draw its lessons; on how we move forward together and live in peace. Unfortunately, there are some who fail to recognise them and instead repeat its mistakes, preaching inflammatory rhetoric meant only to divide. We call on all leaders and parties to moderate their language.

“There were no victors in this war. Yet in rejecting division and embracing unity, we ensure those lives lost were not in vain.”

The government also said that the war serves as a potent warning on the dangers of aggressive regionalism, ethnic baiting and political corruption, adding that “in it, we must forge common memory that can serve as a bridge to a future free from the ravages of sectarianism”.

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Veteran Soldier Criticises Buhari's Regime On Boko Haram Fight

Sahara Reporters - Thu, 2020-01-16 11:37

Ex-serviceman, Daniel Ganga, has criticised the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari over the unending campaign against Boko Haram insurgency in the North-East of Nigeria.

Ganga spoke at the Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration in Yola, Adamawa State, on Wednesday, noting that Nigeria was more divided today than at any previous time in history.

He said, “The present regime has jeopardised efforts why we fought the Civil War. 

“That's why you can see the way that they are going about the war against Boko Haram. Our children are dying anyhow.

“For me, nothing can be done to rescue anything because all service chiefs are misleading the president.”

Speaking at the event, the Brigade Commander of 23 Brigade Yola, Brigadier General Sani Mohammed assured that there was an end in sight of Boko Haram insurgency.

He said, “Certainly there is an end in sight of Boko Haram insurgency because a lot of progress has been achieved.

“A lot of development in terms of pushing the operations forward has been made in bringing the fight to an end.”

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Buhari Regime Desperate To Kill Our Leader, Say El-Zakzaky’s Followers

Sahara Reporters - Thu, 2020-01-16 10:52



The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has raised a fresh alarm on moves by President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime to kill their leader, Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, in custody. 

The sect revealed this on Wednesday in Abuja through the Secretary of the Media Forum, Abdullahi Musa.

Musa was reacting to the statement made by Kaduna State Commissioner for Justice, who claimed that the fate of the Islamic scholar rested in the hands of the Kaduna State High Court. 

He said, “We reject the statement made by the Kaduna State Government in which it insinuated that the fate of our leader, Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, is in the hands of the Kaduna State High Court. 

“We however, consider it mischievous and spiteful. The update released by the Commissioner for Justice, Kaduna State, is no more than the mere barking of a toothless dog serving the interest of the perpetrators of the 2015 Zaria massacre.”

He added that the continued detention and denial of their leader to go for medical treatment was part of plans aimed at killing him in detention.

IMN added that the involvement of the military in the Zaria massacre in 2015 had exposed the complicity of the Nigerian Government in the genocide.

He said, “No amount of media and psychological propaganda will exonerate the Nigerian Government from being indicted for the atrocious crimes committed in Zaria during the massacre.”

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Defend Your Ancestral Land, Ooni Of Ife, Wole Soyinka Tell Nigerians

Sahara Reporters - Wed, 2020-01-15 22:26

Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, and Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka, have asked Nigerians to rise up and defend their ancestral land since the Muhammadu Buhari-led government was idling in protecting the lives of citizens.

The duo made the declaration in a statement on Wednesday after a meeting in Ogun State.

They said the selective approach of the Nigerian Government to security in different parts of the country points to an internal colonisation agenda, which is happening with the nod of the government. 

The statement reads in part, "The present development is not new, nor has it lacked warnings. 

"Numerous times, voices have been raised, and resistance mounted against the evolution of internal heirs to external colonialism, be this manifested by a military elite or by religious or economic groupings which flaunt their scant recognition of, or respect for human dignity, civic rights and sanctity of human life. The state has cultivated the art of looking the other way – until forced to confront reality.

"In this regard, the recent ultimatum delivered by a sectarian order to the president of this nation to set up the so-called RUGA cattle settlements across the entire nation within a stipulated time, despite national outcry, should be acknowledged as entitlement under the bounty of freedom of expression. In return, we exercise ours, and call upon Nigerian nationals across state demarcations to defend the sanctity of their ancestral lands. This birthright has never been annulled, not even under colonial occupation.

"We have in mind destructive forms of social transactions that characterise groups such as nomadic cattle herdsmen, and their umbrella groupings in the nature of Myetti Allah."

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Mompha Ran Illicit Bureau De Change -EFCC

Sahara Reporters - Wed, 2020-01-15 22:17

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has said that social media celebrity, Ismaila Mustapha, better known as Mompha, ran an illegal bureau the change, which he used to defraud people.

Tony Orilade, spokesperson for the EFCC, disclosed this in a statement on Wednesday. 

The anti-graft agency said the fourth prosecution witness, Enu Matthew Obun, on Wednesday, January 15, 2020, told a Federal High Court, Ikoyi, Lagos, presided over by Justice Abdullahi Liman, that the suspected Internet fraudster ran an illegal bureau de change with his company Ismalob Global Investments Limited.

EFCC is prosecuting Mompha alongside the company on a 14-count charge bordering on cyberfraud and money laundering to the tune of N33bn.

Mompha, who is the first defendant in the matter, is alleged to have used the company to launder funds, part of which he used to acquire properties in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Led in evidence by prosecution counsel, Rotimi Oyedepo, the witness, a compliance officer with the Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering of the EFCC, told the court that on November 15, 2019, the commission requested from SCUML the regulation and compliance status of the company and that “upon inspection, it was discovered that Ismalob is not registered with the SCUML.”

He further stated that “From the database search in the office, there is no information on Ismalob Global Investment Limited and all the transactions that were done in the company’s account between December 14, 2015 and January 25, 2018 are not on SCUML’s record.”

Justice Liman adjourned the matter until February 26, 2020 for continuation of trial.

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BREAKING: Imo Gets New Governor As Uzodinma Is Inaugurated

Sahara Reporters - Wed, 2020-01-15 22:14

Hope Uzodinma has been inagurated as governor of Imo State.

This followed a ruling by the Supreme Court for the Independent National Electoral Commission to announce him as governor.

INEC had earlier in the day presented him with a Certificate of Return in line with the order of the apex court.

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JUST IN: INEC Presents Certificate Of Return To Uzodinma

Sahara Reporters - Wed, 2020-01-15 19:25

The Independent National Electoral Commission has presented Certificate of Returns to Hope Uzodinma as the governor of Imo State.

The electoral commission presented the certificate to Uzodinma in line with the order of the court.

The Supreme Court had on Tuesday sacked Emeka Ihedioha as governor of the state.

The court also ordered that INEC should withdraw the certificate of return issued to Ihedioha and issue Uzodinma a fresh one.

Delivering the ruling, the court held that INEC had cancelled some electoral votes in polling units Uzodinma had won.

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ALERT: Mob Riot Ongoing In Jakande, Lekki, Citizens Getting Attacked And Robbed

Sahara Reporters - Wed, 2020-01-15 19:12

SaharaReporters Media


There is a riot happening at the moment at Jakande in Lekki area of Lagos.

The Nigerian Police Force is yet to arrive at the scene of the incident at the time of filing this report.

A mob angry over the invasion of Jakande Market by the Lagos State Task Force are attacking citizens, properties and shops in the area.

More to come...

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Go Back To Sleep, Amotekun Is Here To Stay, Wole Soyinka Tells Nigerian Government

Sahara Reporters - Wed, 2020-01-15 19:04


Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka, has said that the regional security of South-West states, "Amotekun", which was created to protect citizens in the area due to government failure to do so, has come to stay.

The Nigerian Government on Tuesday declared the outfit illegal, saying the power to provide security lies on the executive list only and not on the concurrent list. 

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos on Wednesday, Soyinka said, “Those who said Amotekun is illegal should go back to sleep. 

"Amotekun has come to stay. I even think we should start moving from Amotekun to Awosikun. Let’s deal with the issue of hunger.”

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We'll Not Issue Certificate Of Return To Uzodinma Yet -INEC

Sahara Reporters - Wed, 2020-01-15 18:55

Senator Hope Uzodinma

Hope Uzodinma

The Independent National Electoral Commission has said that it cannot issue Certificate of Return to Senator Hope Uzodinma until it has received a court order.

The Supreme Court had on Tuesday declared Uzodinma as winner of the March 2019 governorship election in Imo State and ordered the electoral body to issue him a Certificate of Return immediately.

Chief Press Secretary to INEC Chairman, Rotimi Oyekanmi, on Wednesday said that the commission will issue the Certificate of Return to him as soon as it is served with the enrolled order.

Oyekanmi said, "Please be informed that the commission is yet to be served with the enrolled order of the Supreme Court judgment, therefore we cannot issue the Certificate of Return to the APC candidate yet. 

"However, once the commission receives the enrolled order, the CoR will be issued."

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EXCLUSIVE: Petroleum Equalisation Fund Manager, Goody Nnamdi, Indicted By EFCC For Fraud Returns To Position With Benefits Fully Paid

Sahara Reporters - Wed, 2020-01-15 18:52

Goody Nnadi

Goody Nnadi google

Goody Nnadi, a General Manager of Corporate Services in Petroleum Equalisation Fund, who was indicted in December by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for corruption has been reinstated to his position with his benefits fully paid.

On December 20, 2019 a Federal High Court in Abuja granted final forfeiture of his property, which included a plaza and many residential properties in Abuja after the EFCC proved that the property where gotten from corrupt practices while in office. 

Nnadi, who has been declared as a corrupt public official by the court, was paid an upfront sum for 2020 amounting to N15,862,172.

He also received N61,343,402.06 from the Nigerian Government as monetisation for his mortgage loan.

Nnadi, SaharaReporters gathered was being shielded by powerful forces within the Presidency, making it impossible for the board of the PEF to suspend him.

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Nigerian Forced To Work Without Pay In Lebanon Regains Freedom

Sahara Reporters - Wed, 2020-01-15 16:15





A Nigerian mother, who was forced to become a home help without pay in Lebanon, has regained her freedom.

Gloria Bright left her two children on October 25, 2019 to teach English in the Middle-East country but found a different job description awaiting her.

She said, “The experience wasn’t a nice one in Lebanon; they take advantage of some ladies. I just want to thank God for bringing me back home safely.

“I left October 25, 2019 to work and I was told that I’ll teach English to the children there but when I got there, it was a housemaid work.”

Her version of the tale has however, been denied by a representative of the travel agency that processed her departure.

Channels Television quoted Adetuni Sanusi as saying that Bright knew what awaited her and was fully compliant.

She stated, “When she got to Lebanon, we kept in touch with her, she was in communication with us, the agency and that she was happy that everything is going fine and the family she was working for are fine.

“I was shocked to hear her say that she was asked to go over there to teach in Lebanon.”

Bright’s rescue comes less than a week after another Nigerian trafficked to the country was set free.

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