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Mark My Words, I Will Become President Of Nigeria, Okorocha Vows

Sun, 2019-05-26 22:06

Rochas Okorocha, the governor of Imo State, has vowed that he will become the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come what may.
Okorocha made his conviction public on Sunday during his valedictory thanksgiving service held at the Government House Chapel in Owerri.
He said  that his current political travails, particularly the seizure of his Certificate of Return as the Imo West senator-elect, were only strengthening him for the  exalted  presidential seat in Aso Rock.
The outgoing governor said the wishes of his political adversaries concerning him would not come to pass, saying “those who want me to go to prison will go to prison before me.”
According to him, the elite hated him because he decided to approach the affairs of the state differently.

Describing himself as “the most criticised politician” in the country, Okorocha said that all the ploy to stop him from going to the Senate will fail.

Okorocha said, “I tell you, I am the most criticised person in Nigeria today. I don’t know why the entire elite hate me with cruelty.

“My Senate ambition is still a battle. More than 30 people have joined the suit to fight me. All these, I will overcome.

“They are only preparing me for the glory ahead.”

“Mark it, I will be president of Nigeria. I said this on this altar so that the kingdom of God will rise against those fighting to stop me.

“Also, those who think they will put me in prison will go to prison before me.

“They don’t want me to be at the National Assembly, but I will be there. I know I am the last man standing, but I will not give up.”

He said that 95 percent of Imo indigenes did not understand him and his style of governance.

“Only a few of them later realised that I meant well for the state. I governed the state with passion. I broke protocols and bent the laws, but I never broke laws.

“When I took over the office eight years ago, I wasn’t unmindful that a lot of people will misunderstand me and try to distract me.

“But today, I have left the state better than I met it. I am the architect of the new Imo. I am a satisfied governor.”

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You're A Shameless Politician, Okorocha Fires Back At Uzodinma

Sun, 2019-05-26 20:18

Rochas Okorocha, the outgoing governor of Imo state, on Sunday, replied Senator Hope Uzodinma,the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the last general election, and Senator representing Imo West Senatorial zone, over his recent  media attacks against him.
Okorocha decribed Uzodinma as a "shameless" politician who is a pliable tool in the hands of some politicians within and outside the state who are bent on ruining his political career.
He said Uzodinma would do anything to please his political masters to be in their good books
A statement signed by Mr. Sam Onwuemeodo the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, read that,  “within one week, Chief Hope Uzodinma, the governorship Candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC), in Imo State, has had series of interviews in almost all the national newspapers. And his target in all the interviews was Governor Rochas Okorocha. He has also invaded the social media with his insults on the governor.

“Interestingly enough, the kind of courage and boldness Chief Uzodinma displayed or exercised in all his media outings against Governor Okorocha only showed that he has no shame. And he could do worst things if he has the opportunity”.

According to the statement, “Chief Uzodinma contested the governorship election in the State with the ticket of APC and he could not win in his own Oru East local government. He could not win in any of the 27 LGAs in the State, and never came second or third in all the LGAs but only came fourth and he has the audacity to be granting interviews and talking balderdash.
“He has only confirmed that he was only used as tool to destroy Imo APC. And they have promised him Ministerial appointment and that is the reason behind his current media Campaigns and to be listened to, he has to be insulting Governor Rochas Okorocha.

“Chief Uzodinma and co told the world that governor Okorocha had finished politically, that they were the ones holding the ace of APC in the State. And today, Nigerians have seen or known who holds the franchise of APC in Imo and in the Southeast”.

It continued that, “at least, the outcome of the 2019 election spoke volume. It showed that like Governor Okorocha had said, Chief Uzodinma didn’t contest the 2019 governorship election in the State to win. He only came to be a tool in the hands of those who wanted to kill APC in Imo and South-East in general for reasons best known to them.

“The 2019 poll also showed that Ugwumba Uche Nwosu is loved by Imo people to a very large extent and he was the most popular governorship Candidate. He won the 2019 election with the real votes of Imo people but INEC decided to announce someone with fictitious figures winner.

“Chief Uzodinma could not produce even one House of Assembly member. But Ugwumba Nwosu produced about eleven House of Assembly members, two Federal House of Representatives members and one Senator for Okigwe zone on the platform of Action Alliance, (AA). And all those who won election on the tickets of APC are all Governor Okorocha’s men.

“The truth is that falsehood does not endure. But truth endures. Even at the moment, only Governor Okorocha has the capacity to rebuild APC in Imo and in the South-East generally with the support of the AA Chieftains led by Ugwumba Uche Nwosu.

“In case men like Hope Uzodinma do not know, Governor Okorocha will outlive them, outlive their mischievous politics and their gang up. In their effort to destroy Okorocha’s politics, they messed up the entire State with their Collaborators.
Uzodinma had on Friday in an interview he granted the Nation Newspaper fired a barb at Okorocha by calling him a saboteur.

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APC Is Responsible For Rising Suicide, Misery In Nigeria, Says PDP

Sun, 2019-05-26 19:35


The Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) has described the escalated despondency, depression and misery in the country as a national tragedy caused by the All Progressives  Congress(APC) administration.
Lamenting what the party dubbed 'rising social degeneration',  the opposition party urged Nigerians to show empathy and brotherly love to one another at this trying time . The party also ascribed the high incidence of suicide in the country to the depression and hardship foisted on the country by the Buhari-led administration.
PDP, in a statement by its national publicity secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, said the “rising spate of suicides, slavery mission abroad, divorces, child abandonment and other social degeneration” are occasioned by the “worsening economic hardship, poverty, hunger and rising insecurity under the incompetent, corrupt, divisive and manipulative APC administration.” 
According to the statement, the PDP said Nigerians became more despondent after the electoral heist that happened in February 23, 2019 when Atiku Abubakar, the party's presidential candidate, was robbed of his mandate
 “In the last few months, the news media has been awash with horrible reports of teenage suicide in our country.
 “Banditry, insurgency, marauding, bloodletting and kidnapping with unmentionable ransoms, have almost become daily occurrences. Our citizenry is now battling with the worst kind of siege mentality.

“Constitutional violations, human rights abuses, arbitrary arrests, extra-judicial killings, assault on perceived dissenting voices and attempt at annexation of our institutions of democracy, particularly the judiciary, signposts a nation in dire strait. “Misery has set in. This is evident in the shrinking of our nation’s Gross Domestic Produce (GDP) to 2.1percent in the first quarter of 2019. “It is saddening that at the time Nigerians ought to be celebrating, they are rather forlorn, committing suicide and exiting the country in droves. 
"Most Nigerians have become downhearted in the face of an administration that wrecked our once robust economy and divided our people; in the face of worsening joblessness, piling bills, hunger and diseases; in the face of incompetence, lies, and unfulfilled promises of free homes, monthly allowance to unemployed youth and the poor, bringing the naira to the same value as the US Dollar, creating of 5 million new jobs, ending of insurgency in three months and myriad of other false promises. 
“Instead, what our nation has witnessed is an official entrenchment and elevation of incompetence, deceit, propaganda, failure and cabal mentality on the corridors of power; a situation where the only achievement is the foisting of economic recession and mortgaging of the future of our nation with the accumulation of N24.39 trillion debt, with no tangible project to show. 
“It is instructive to state that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC administration has obstinately refused to allow any scrutiny of its books, knowing that they are catalogues of corruption, treasury looting, violations, impunity and acts that have brought our nation to its knees.” 


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Lagos Task Force Officers Assault Journalist, Detain Him For Hours

Sun, 2019-05-26 18:13

Abdul-waheed Usamah, a journalist , was assaulted  on Saturday by officers of the Lagos Task Force for  confronting  the officers to stop harassing innocent people.
The incident occured at the Police College in Ikeja during a victory party organised for the Lagos Governor-Elect Babajide sanwo-Olu on Saturday. 
Usamah, who is the Managing Director of  an online news portal called 'The Guild', was not just beaten black and blue but also bundled into a Black Maria and taken to the Task Force Headquarters in Oshodi. He was detained at the headquarters for two hours
According to Usamah, “I attended the Victory party organized for the Lagos Governor-elect, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, and his deputy, Dr. Obafemi Kadri Hamzat, by Sanwo-Olu’s ICG, and held at the Police College in Ikeja. During the event, I noticed how police officers attached to the Lagos State Task Force have been harassing and embarrassing APC party members and other guests who were trying to access VIP session of the party, and I drew the attention of the organizer and the ICG’s security to the men.

“During the process of trying to advise and made suggestions to the ICG’s security so as to save guests from the embarrassment coming from the police officers, one the officers, violently pushed me and we got into arguments, and others, including their superior started threatening.

“While I was trying to talk them out, one officer came from the crowd, and punched me in the face, and the next thing I knew, five of the officers started dragging me and forcefully pushed into the Task Force truck. I was kept in the Black Maria for an hour, and was later driven, inside the Black Maria to the agency’s office where I was kept inside cell.”

He explained further: “When we got to the agency’s office, I was handed over to the officers on duty who after, seizing my two phones, asked me to removed my belt and shoes, and locked me inside a cell where I met about 17 people in bad condition.

“After about an hour and half, one officer came in announcing my name and directed his colleagues to open the cell iron gate for me and led me to the Task Force Chairman’s office, where I met him. He ordered for my belongings in agency’s care and released me.”

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Reversing Trailer Kills Lagos Traffic Official

Sun, 2019-05-26 17:37

Arogundade Remilekun, a female officer of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency(LASTMA), has been crushed to death by a trailer.

It was gathered that the tragic incident occured  in Apapa area of Lagos on Sunday morning.

The late Remilekun was said to be from Apapa Zone 36 station base.

It was gathered that the officer was at the back of the truck when the tragedy occurred.

The trailer crushed her to death as the driver was trying to reverse.

Eyewitnesses said the driver of the trailer was oblivious of the deceased's presence.

She was said to have died right on the spot.

Her remains have been evacuated from the scene of the tragedy.

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Dear Buhari, Don’t End Up Making Jonathan, Obasanjo, IBB Look Like Heroes By Your Failure By Fredrick Nwabufo

Sun, 2019-05-26 16:36

Fredrick Nwabufo

Fredrick Nwabufo

In Nigeria, governments come and go, but each one outpaces the other in impunity, non-performance, corruption, and incompetence.  Before the administration of President Buhari, that of Goodluck Jonathan was knocked as the archetypal highhanded, clueless, corrupt and wasteful government. But before Jonathan’s reign, Obasanjo’s administration was pilloried as a corrupt and iron-fisted “regime”, and before that, the military administrations were adjudged the “portmanteau of all evils”.

I must say, most Nigerians still consider the military administrations as the “portmanteau of all evils”. And I assent this view.  But lately, I chanced on some conversations with the pesky question:  “20 years of democracy, how well we have done?” For me, democracy is a rudimentary system of government, essentially for its freedoms, that cannot be bartered for any other system. But in the past 20 years, our practice of democracy has not resulted in improvements to infrastructure and general well-being. However, there is something to be said for the relative freedom enjoyed by citizens.

The Buhari administration came in the saddle with so much hope for citizens. The hope of better security; of a strong economy, of better welfare for citizens and of an end to corruption. But these hopes have taken flight like the summer birds.  The administration has failed uninhibitedly in tackling insecurity.  This is, perhaps, the biggest failure of this government.

In April, Mohammed Adamu, inspector-general of police, disclosed that 1071 Nigerians have been killed and that 685 have been kidnapped since January. A few days ago, about 24 persons were killed in Katsina, the president’s state. The jagged appendages of insecurity have even stretched far to claw some traces of the first family with the kidnap of the district head of Daura, who is said to be an in-law of President Buhari.

Really, I found the response of Prof Ango Abdullahi, the chairman of Northern Elders Forum, to the presidency’s statement that the insecurity crushing Katsina in a feisty grip was a confirmation that the president is not partial to his own state on matters of security.

Abdullahi said: “They (presidency) should be concerned that the security failures are everywhere, including the hometown of the president.”

Even now, the killings are unabated. But there appears to be no plan or strategy to halt them, except for wishes and feeble promises. And after four years, the president still says, “I will fulfill my promise on addressing insecurity.” After four years?

Really, casting off every pretension and sentiment, what exactly has this administration achieved in four years? I find it hard to put my finger on any. The much vaunted Social Investment Programme for which N500 billion was budgeted has turned out to be a fatal fraud. According to Aisha Buhari, wife of the president, the “programme failed in the north.” So, if it failed in the north where exactly did it succeed?

Hear her: “...I don’t know where the social investment worked... I was expecting that the N500 billion to be utilised in different methods in the north for the aim to be achieved. I don’t know the method they used but most northern states did not get it.”

Ordinarily, the wife of the president’s allegations should spur some serious investigation into the spending of the programme. But I have little faith that this will happen. If corruption was democratised under Jonathan, it has been privatised under Buhari.

As a matter of fact, Mr. President’s failure in his first four years is making the administration he deracinated look good. It has been a full-term of comparing failures and of outpacing impunity, corruption, and incompetence.

Mr. President has another four years to show competence, sensitivity, integrity, and even-handedness, because, at the current pace of low-hanging failures, Nigerians may have better things to say about the administrations of Jonathan, Obasanjo and even Ibrahim Babangida than his own when the day is done.
I wait with measured optimism for "Next Level".

Fredrick is a media personality.


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$16m On Mosquito Nets? Aisha Buhari Queries Federal Government On Misappropriated Funds

Sun, 2019-05-26 14:57

Aisha Buhari, wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, has questioned the logic behind spending $16M as counterpart funding for the purchase of mosquito nets by the Nigerian government.
She expressed her reservations about the matter during an interractive session with women at the State House, Abuja on Saturday.
She also flayed the Nigerian government on the poor implementation of  Social Investment Programmes(SIP) in the north.

“I have heard about mosquito nets, Nigeria paid its counterpart fund, $16m. I asked them to give my own share of the net to send it to my village people. I didn’t get it.

“They have spent, $16m on buying mosquito nets, I did not get it, maybe some people have gotten it. But I feel that that’s my personal opinion, $16m is enough to fumigate mosquitoes in Nigeria. That’s my opinion,” she said.

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Police Arrest Three Kidnappers In Military Uniform

Sun, 2019-05-26 09:47

The Nigeria Police Force has arrested three fake soldiers who allegedly abducted one Uchenna Ezeonu in Ekwulobia, Anambra State.

The police said the suspects were arrested inside a forest in Anambra where they held the victims captive.

The suspects, Obasi Peter, Benjamin Nicholas, and Ojiegbe Obinna were nabbed in military vests together with three other accomplices.

It was gathered that the suspects had abducted their victim and taken him to an unknown destination before they were rounded up inside the bush.

Confirming the arrest, the police spokesperson, Haruna Mohammed, said the victim was rescued unhurt.

He said, “On the 24/05/2019 at about 11: am, there was a distress call along Isuofia road in Aguata council area that three persons in military uniforms abducted one Uchenna Ezeonu ‘m’ of Omeke village around Ekwulobia roundabout and whisked him away to an unknown destination.

“Following distress call, Police operatives attached to Operation Puff Adder in conjunction with Joint Patrol teams rushed to the scene and cordoned off the entire area in search of the hoodlums along the bush path by Uyo-Eke market road.

“Consequently, three suspects in military attires who abducted the victim were rounded up and arrested inside the bush.

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Southeast Representative Backs Gbajabiamila Against Disqualification Suit

Sun, 2019-05-26 09:46

Raphael Igbokwe, a member of the House of Representatives and Leader of the Southeast Caucus of House of Representatives, has applied to the Federal High Court Abuja to be joined in a suit challenging Femi Gbajabiamila to be Speaker of the 9th National Assembly.

In his deposition before the court, Igbokwe stated that as a member of the House of Representatives, who swore to an oath to defend the law and the nation’s Constitution, he is duty-bound to ensure that the institution of legislature is not brought into disrepute on the basis of baseless fabrications.

As such, he applied to be joined in a case by Philip Undie challenging the suitability of Gbajabiamil for the Speakership position.

Joined as respondents in the suit filed yesterday at the Federal High Court, Abuja are the House, the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) and APC.

It would be recalled that the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja, on Wednesday, was urged by Undie to bar Femi Gbajabiamila from contesting as the Speaker of the 9th House of Representatives, on the grounds that the lawmaker was convicted for fraud to the tune of $25,000 which he allegedly failed to disburse to his then client in 2003 in the United States (US), where he was practising as a lawyer.

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Insecurity In Kaduna, Zamfara Setback For Northern States, Says COCIN President

Sun, 2019-05-26 09:41

COCIN President, Dachollom Datiri

COCIN President, Dachollom Datiri

Dachollom Chumang Datiri, President of Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN), says that the insecurity in Kaduna and Zamfara state is a setback for northern states.

Datiri made the statement in a communique issued in Jos at the end of the 96th General Church Council held at the church headquarters, Jos, the Plateau state capital.

He observed with dismay the increasing rate of suicide cases in the country and called on the church and Government to sensitize the public on the need for contentment.

He said:  “Council Condemns in strong terms the recent attacks on some communities in parts of Nassarawa, Kaduna, Zamfara and Borno states by Kidnappers, armed bandits and Boko Haram.

“Calls on the Federal and state governments, to take proactive measures to forestall these inhuman acts as human life is too precious to be wasted casually.

“Enjoins government at all levels to take seriously their constitutional responsibility by restoring and rehabilitating Internally Displaced Persons as many of them are left to fend for themselves in terms of feeding and accommodation.”

The clergy decried federal government’s nonchalant attitude towards the release of Leah Sharibu who has remained in the hands of Boko Haram because of her faith and urged the government to do all it takes to ensure her release and the remaining Chibok school girls

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We Gave License For Nomadic Education, Not To Herdsmen, Says Nigerian Broadcasting Commission

Sun, 2019-05-26 08:50

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has negated reports that commission gave radio license to herdmen, stating that the license was given to National Commission for Nomadic Education to develop and maintain nomadic education outreach programmes.

This was contained in a statement issued on Saturday by, Ekanem Antia, an assistant director in the commission.

The commission said that the National Commission for Nomadic Education duly applied for a broadcast license in furtherance of its objectives to develop and maintain nomadic education outreach programmes, including electronically mediated ones.

“The Commission is reacting to the media controversy over the license granted to the National Commission for Nomadic Education for the establishment of a radio station to operate on the AM band.

“The National Commission for Nomadic Education duly applied for a Broadcast license in furtherance of its objectives to develop and maintain nomadic education outreach programmes, including electronically mediated ones.

 “The letter of provisional approval dated September 28th, 2018, was issued to the National Commission for Nomadic Education. The duration of the license is from October 8th, 2018 to October 8th, 2023. 

“The station’s programmes, which shall be purely educational, are designed to cater for the interest of migrant fishermen, herders, hunters, farmers, and migrants. Consequently, it is a misrepresentation for any person, or organization to imply that the licensed station was just for a particular group,” the NBC said.

 The Commission also disclosed that similar educational broadcast licences were issued to institutions of higher learning and other governmental institutions with comparable needs, such as the Armed Forces of Nigeria, the Federal Road Safety Commission, and related institutions.

“Specifically, the Commission enjoins broadcasting stations to take special note of the following provisions of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code, which emphasize peace and national integration.

“While upholding professionalism and observing global best practices, stations are further advised to treat potentially divisive issues with tact and sensitivity,” the NBC said.

The management of NBC called on all broadcasting stations to exercise restraint in the treatment of sensitive issues that could threaten the unity and stability of Nigeria.

The NBC enjoined broadcasting stations to be professional and take guidance from the Nigeria Broadcasting Code at all times.

 It reminded all broadcasters to be mindful of their social responsibility to promote the well-being and peaceful co-existence of the various groups in the country in keeping with the objectives of broadcasting in Nigeria.

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Court Restrains INEC From Issuing Certificate Of Return To Okorocha

Sat, 2019-05-25 20:01


The Federal  High  Court  sitting in Owerri has ordered that the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) should not issue a Certificate of Return to Rochas Okorocha as a senator-elect for Imo West.
The court, in a suit filed by  Hon. Jones Onyeriri, the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) Senatorial  candidate for Imo West, ordered that the status quo be maintained until the hearing and determination of the Motion on NoticeThe presiding judge, Justice E.F. Njemanze, adjourned the case till June 5 2019, for hearing.
INEC had declined to issue Certificate of Return to Okorocha who was the senatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, after the returning officer alleged that he was forced to declare him winner under duress.


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Lawyer Defeats Federal Government As Court Orders Rehabilitation Of Badagry Road

Sat, 2019-05-25 19:25


A Federal High Court Ikoyi, in Lagos has ordered that the Nigerian Government to fix Lagos Badagry expressway with immidiate effect .
Justice Saliu Saidu made the order on Friday, sequel to a motion on notice filed and agued by Julius Ajibulu, legal practitioner.

Ajibulu had filed a lawsuit in 2017 against  the federal government of Nigeria, joining the Attorney General of the Federation, Ministry of Works, Lagos State government as well as the Attorney general of Lagos state  over the reckless abandonment of the Lagos-Badagry Trunk, a federal highway from Iyana Iba axis.

Appearing before Justice Saliu Saidu of the Federal High court for the respondents in the suit  were Musa Abudul Esq. for the 1st  and 2nd respondents, I. A Modibbo Esq. for the 3rd and Abiola Adeyinka Esq. for the 4th and 5th respondents.

Barrister Julius who stood in person as the applicant in the suit as well as his own legal representative made it clear in his originating motion of 21st  December 2017 that the abandonment is unlawful and unconstitutional and therefore is a clear violation and infringement of his, and that of Nigerians, as well as obstruction to freedom of movement as guaranteed and preserved under the provisions of Article 12 of the African Charter on human and people’s rights.

The plaintiff declared that these authorities owe him and the Badagry people  the duty and responsibility to rehabilitate and reconstruct the Lagos Badagry roads quickly and timeously.

Still in his affidavit dated 21st, October 2017, he urged the court to compell the respondents to rehabilitate and reconstruct the Iyana-Iba axis road leading to Badagry.

He went on to inform the court that the Badagry road is in comatose due to the  neglect and sheer abandonment and as a result has caused avoidable loss of lives and properties of Nigerians who ply the highway.

Barrister Julius Ajibulu said there are lots of cravings on the road due to the washing away of bitumen, granite and sharp sand from the roads due to the abandonment.

He pointed out clearly that the first respondent, the Federal government is saddled with the duty and responsibility of executing projects under the items contained in the exclusive legislative list of constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 as amended of which road network now included and equally to manage the affairs of Nigeria and Nigerians which it failed in the case of Badagry roads.

He also outlined that the 2nd and 5th respondents, the Attorney general of the federation and minister of justice and the Attorney general of Lagos state are meant to shoulder the duty and responsibility of handling and managing the legal affairs and litigation of the Federal government of Nigeria and Nigerians.

He pin-pointed that the 3rd and 4th respondents, the Minister of Works and the Lagos state government are saddled with various duties and responsibilities, one of which is the construction and rehabilitation of all federal highways in Nigeria including the Lagos-Badagry Trunk.

The young and agile Barrister maintained that the Lagos Badagry express way is a major trans-national and trans- boundary road that links and connects the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the Republic of Benin and other West Africa countries and  due to the geographical position of the road network, it is suppose to serve the purpose of  border movement of traders in the West African sub region which is not the case due to the bad state of the road.

Barrister Julius Ajibulu went as far as recounting his own personal experience on the unplyable road. He told the court that he was compelled to pay a cost of failure of appearance and attendance for a day’s proceeding in a criminal matter after his car got into a big ditch at the center of the road between Iyana -Iba axis and Badagry as a result of the cravings on the road as such, he couldn’t make way forward and missed the court sitting.

The promising lawyer told the court that the bad portions of the roads have caused him and other road users, emotional and bodily pain, torture and psychological trauma, lost of trans boundary and trans national clients from Benin Republic and even several loss of lives.

This is evident in the demonstration that took place on Monday, the protests in the Badagry area of Lagos as students and residents plying the Lagos-Badagry expressway staged a mass protest calling on the Federal Government to fix the now deplorable road.

The protesters defied the heavy rains and marched from Badagry town towards LASU-Iba axis of the road lamenting the hardship they experience.They called on all politicians representing Badagry at the State and Federal levels to raise their voices and ensure that the road is fixed as soon as possible.

The 1st and 2nd respondents in a counter affidavit argued that the applicant seeking the court for the enforcement of his fundamental rights has not in any way shown to the court how the non construction and rehabilitation of the Badagry road network has infringed his fundamental rights as provided in section 36 of the constitution.

The respondents also stated that it is not enough for the applicant to say his fundamental rights have been breached but has to go the extra mile to adduce evidence to that effect and advised the court not to open sores to litigants to approach the court.

They therefore urged the court to dismiss the suit.

The Lagos state government and Attorney General of Lagos State also filed a counter affidavit stating that the applicant again failed to establish how they violated his fundamental human rights and that there is no substance to the claims but mere speculations.

They further aligned that the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the roads is for the benefit of the people and  they cannot force anyone to do their duties which they claimed is already being done and urged the court to also dismiss the suit.

The 3rd respondent, Minister of Works also argued same saying the court should dismiss the suit as there is no case since there are alternative roads leading to Badagry.

In response to this counter affidavit, the applicant, Barrister Ajibulu told the court that no defence has been put forward by the respondents and that the facts he judiciously outlined in his affidavit have neither been controverted.

He also reminded the court that respondents also failed to respond to the rights of freedom of movement raised in his affidavit.

After a due consideration of the arguments, and a critical analysis of the affidavits and counter affidavits, the court granted it’s ruling saying, “It is argued by the 3rd respondent that there are alternative roads that Nigerians can use to access Badagry road, no mention of such road was made before the court” the court said.

“The respondents have not controverted the deplorable nature of the road and as such is in admission” the court stated.

“The applicant’s right and other Nigerians rights have been infringed by the respondents and I hereby grant as follows” Justice Saliu Saidu continued

“That the reckless abandonment of the Lagos-Badagry Trunk, a federal highway from Iyana-Iba axis to Badagry road network by the respondents is unlawful and unconstitutional and therefore amounts to a clear violation and infringement of the applicant and Nigerians fundamental rights to freedom of movement as guaranteed and preserved by the provisions of Article 12 of the African Charter on Human and People’s right (rehabilitation and enforcement) Act  and Section 41 of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended”, he further stated.

“That the respondents owe the applicant and Nigerians the duty and responsibility to rehabilitate and construct the Lagos-Badagry Trunk, a federal highway from Iyana-Iba axis to Badagry road network quickly and timeously” the court concluded.

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Breaking : INEC Complies With Supreme Court Verdict, Declares PDP Winner Of Zamfara Polls

Sat, 2019-05-25 18:49

The Independent National Electoral Commission ( INEC ) has declared the Candidate of Peoples Democratic Party  ( PDP ) , Mohammed Mattawale
  as the winner of Governorship election in Zamfara State  .

The commission also declared all the candidates of the party winners of all the senatorial and federal constituencies seats . The Chairman of the commission, Mahmoud Yakubu said that certificate of return will be issued to the Goveror-elect , senators elect  and members House of Representatives on Monday 27th May 2019 at the commission's office in Abuja.

He added that   members elect House of Assembly will receive the certificate from the Resident Electoral Commissioner of the state on 31st May 2019.

He disclosed this in Abuja at the end of the marathon meeting of the commission to deliberated and reviewed the judgement of the supreme court which voided all the votes cast for the All Progressives Congress  ( APC ) in the state. 

Yakubu  said that properly conducted  party primaries are cardinal for the proper internal functioning of the political parties and electoral process .

According to him " Therefore political parties must take seriously the conduct of the primaries according to all external  rules including the monitoring processes for INEC to avoid the repeat  of the Zamfara experience. 

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Psquare: Peter Threatens To Sue Show Promoter Over Flyers Of Him And His Brother

Sat, 2019-05-25 15:59


For a brief moment, fans of Nigerian music twin sensation Psquare thought the singers were back together when they saw pictures of them together on a flyer for a show in Angola.


The flyer for the show themed “Feast Beach” which showed Peter and his brother Paul dressed in native attires was organised by an Angola events company named PubFourevents.


Peter Okoye,however, took to his Instagram handle today to distance himself from the show which set to hold in Angola on the 26th of May and even threatened to sue organises of the show.


Findings by Sahara Reporters show  that Paul was the one contracted to perform at the said event as a post on his Instagram handle showed him arriving in Angola some few hours ago. 


Alongside a picture of the flyer and that of Paul arriving in Angola, Peter wrote on: “Na Wa o! So they needed my image to sell their show Angola. @pubfoureventos you’ll be hearing from my lawyers soon. #UnaDonFindMyTrouble.”


It will be recalled that the group Psguare went separate ways in September 2017 after several efforts by top entertainers in the music industry to find amicable settlement to  the continuous disagreement between the singing duo hit a brick wall.

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Three FRSC Officials Beat Up Man For Refusing To Pay Illegal Fine Of N3,000

Sat, 2019-05-25 15:57

Three personnel of the Federal Road Safety Commission harassed one Osho Oladotun Johnson for refusing to pay N3,000 illegal fine.

The FRSC officials identified as A.C Achigili; Olatunji with tag number M10468; and Badeniyi with tag number M1411, stopped Johnson at Ozumba Mbadiwe, Lagos Island, as he was going for a meeting today.

Narrating the incident, Johnson said he was flagged down as he was heading to Admiralty Way for an official meeting as he ended up being beaten by the road safety officials.

“I was stopped by the FRSC officials after which they requested for my driver’s license and I gave it to them.

“They also requested for my vehicle license, I mistakenly gave them a wrong one at first and they said it had expired. I checked my car again, gave them the valid one, and apologized to them for giving them the old vehicle license,” Johnson recounted.

He, however, said the officials were not pleased with him giving them the valid vehicle license as they went ahead to present him a ticket fine of N3,000.

He said, “They insisted I must pay the fine of N3,000 because they had already issued me the ticket. I was explaining to their team lead, Achigili and told him my driver and vehicle license are up to date. While I was doing that, Olatunji and Badeniyi started taking pictures of my car and me.

“I brought out my phone and did same, as they noticed what I was doing, and they descended on me, they smashed my phone on the floor and started beating me.

“They also smashed the windscreen of my car. The three of them beat me up seriously and they went away with my driver’s license.”

Johnson labelled the act of the FRSC personnel as undemocratic and lawless.

“What kind of country are we in, a country where democracy no longer rules. It is so terrible and it pains me to see that we are in a lawless society that even FRSC officials can harass and beat up drivers whenever they feel like.”

Video of FRSC Officials Beat Up Man For Refusing To Pay Illegal Fine Of N3,000 FRSC Officials Beat Up Man For Refusing To Pay Illegal Fine Of N3,000

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Emefiele Files Defamation Suit Against Uboh, Refuses To Answer Pending Suit On Misappropriation

Sat, 2019-05-25 14:55

Godwin Emefiele,  governor of the Central Bank Of Nigeria(CBN), has filed  a defamation suit  against George  Uboh, the chairman of George Uboh Whistleblowers Network (GUWN).

 The suit is coming on the heels of the bail granted George Uboh on Friday by the Chief  Magistrate of the Upper Area Court sitting in Zuba, a suburb of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The bail did not materialize, however, because no sooner had he been granted bail as regards the Ned Nwoko allegations than the police prosecution pressed another charge, brought by Emefiele, against him. Consequently, Uboh was not set free  and he has since been remanded in Suleja prison. 

Meanwhile, Uboh was the first to file a suit against Emefiele. In a case with the  Suit No: FHC/ABJ/CS/419/2019 which has Uboh as the sole plaintiff and  Godwin Emefiele, The Senate President, The Senate, Federal Republic of Nigeria and The President Federal Republic of Nigeria as Defendants. Through the suit, filed at the Federal High Court , Abuja,  Uboh had asked the court to restrain the Senate from  exercising its ' confirmational' powers in regard to the re-appointment of 1st Defendant(Emefiele) by the fourth Defendant (the president of Nigeria). 

Despite obtaining exparte order  for the case against Emiefiele, the apex bank governor has yet to answer to the pending lawsuit and the Senate eventually confirmed Emefiele for a second term in office.

In the  lawsuit filed against Emefiele by Uboh, a copy of which was sent to SaharaReporters,  Uboh  had alleged that the CBN under the watch of Mr Emefiele conspired with Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation(NNPC) to divert  Two billion, Five Hundred and Sixty-four Million United States Dollars($2,564000000 USD in 2015), money he claimed was expected to be shared through  Federal Account Allocation Committee(FAAC) in January 2016 to the three tiers of government.

uboh suit against nassemefiele.pdf (function(){ var scribd_doc = scribd.Document.getDocFromUrl('', 'pub-38756116719609018964'); var onDocReady = function(e){}; scribd_doc.addParam('jsapi_version', 2); scribd_doc.addParam('public', true); scribd_doc.addParam('allow_share', true); scribd_doc.addEventListener('docReady', onDocReady); scribd_doc.write('embedded_doc_79269'); })();

He also alleged that the apex bank boss in 2017 alone, under his watch under-declared and under-remitted $760,000,000:00 USD exchange gains which accrued from Bureaux De Change (BDCs) to Federation account through Lagos, Kano, Abuja and Awka.
He further accused the governor of shunning  Treasury Single Account(TSA) policy as rolled out by President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015.

He added that they (Whistle-blowers) are interested in how funds generated by Federal Government are being expended on Ministries, Departments and Agencies, MDAs pursuant to the Fiscal Responsibility Act, 2007.

“We are a Non-Governmental and Civil Society Organization interested in the way and manner Federal Government funds are being expended at MDAs pursuant to the Fiscal Responsibility Act, 2007.

“We are calling on Nigerians on the homeland and in the Diaspora to ask Emefiele to account for and return $2.5 Billion USD to Treasury Single Account in line with President Buhari’s TSA policy rolled out in 2015, and security agencies to arrest Emefiele within 72 hrs,” he said.
 Uboh disclosed that he had written to Emefiele several times to explain and disclose to public how the money disappeared but failed to act, saying he did that in the interest of the public and whistleblowers within and beyond the CBN who have furnished his organisation germane  information on the financial malfeasance perpetrated in the apex bank under the watch of Emefiele.
According to him, the CBN under Emefiele’s watch in collusion with NNPC denied the three tiers of government revenue from crude oil and gas from May 2015 to June 2016 (14 months), but diverted over $1.78 billion USD through fake accounts.

He explained further, “On Wednesday, April 3, 2019, I, Dr. George Uboh, the undersigned, in my capacity as Chairman George Uboh Whistleblowers Network (hereinafter GUWN), wrote Godwin Emefiele a letter with reference no. GUWN/CBNEMEFIELE/030419/01, captioned: “REQUEST TO REMIT OVER $2,564,000,000FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FUNDS MISSING UNDER YOUR WATCH TO TSA”.

“The aggregate of the above funds missing under your watch in a fraudulent manner is over $2,564,000,000 USD.” I asked Emefiele to remit the funds to TSA in 7 days.”

However, rather than answering to the pending suit against him which Ugoh had gotten  exparte order to serve; Emefiele, via  substituted service, constituted malicious prosecution aided by Tony Michael, DIG of police investigation.
Uboh was later arrested by The Force Criminal Investigations Department(FCID)  earlier this month for SaharaReporters released full transcript of audio conversation between Emefiele and other top officials of the  Central Bank of Nigeria frantically exploring means to cover up N500billion fraud.

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Suspected Herdsmen Attack, Inflict Wounds On Pastor In Ondo

Sat, 2019-05-25 13:31

Femi Ajayi, a Pastor with The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Akure, Ondo state, has been attacked by suspected fulani herdsmen leaving him with deep matchete-inflicted injuries.
. Ajayi was attacked, at his residence of Abusoro in Odudun axis of Akure South Local Government Area, after a failed kidnapping attempt by the rampaging fulani herdsmen. 

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)  Pastor was given a gash on his forehead and another deep cut on his right hand.

The attack came barely few weeks after a resident in the neighborhood was attacked and kidnapped by the suspected fulani invaders but was released after parting with ransom.
Speaking to Sahara Reporter shortly after returning from the hospital on Friday, Pastor Ajayi 
said the fulani invaders have a single-minded aim of killing and maiming innocent residents.

He took time to explain how the invaders jumped into his compund with the plan of abducting him for ransom.

The Pastor said: "It was in broad daylight that the three of them (fulani herdmen) with big guns and cutlasses invaded my building. 

"They jumped the fence into my compound, and came in through the poultry area with the  attempt to kidnap me for ransom.

"The three of them (herdsmen) had already blocked the entrance to my house and i did not even know therewas another one outside the building. 

"Immediately i saw them, i shouted for help in the street and they began running after me but i really don't know how i escaped from them", he explained. 

Pastor Ajayi noted that he escaped miraculously with some wounds - in his forehead and hand as a result of  cut inflicted on him by his assailants  while struggling with him 

"It was in the process of me trying to escaped from the herdsmen that
they subdued and matcheted me, at least you can see the cuts on both my head and right hand.

"I just returned from the hospital to treat myself and have been placed on medication. I will also be visiting the hospital again for treatments.

"The attack on me by these fulani, is the second one in the axis because a week to this my own experince, my neighbour was kidnapped at the front of his house around 8 pm. 

"He was lucky to have been freed in the next day after paying a ransome of N300, 000 to the kidnappers and he came back hom thanking God".

According to Ajayi, the residents in the neighbourhood are now living in great fear stressing that many have abadoned their home over cases of attack and kidnapping by the fulani invaders. 

"As i speak, many have abadoned the area because it is like a new site while some don't even sleep in their houses again at night due to fear. 

"So, it shows we are no longer safe and seem the Yoruba land is heavily invaded by these strangers (fulani herdsmen) as the situation is now becoming worrisome and alarming.

"You can imagine if these fulani herdsmen have been blocking road and abadoned that by now coming down to your house to kidnap you, definately there is a progression in their act and we have to becareful.

"My prayers are that it would not go beyond this in the Yourba land and as a race we just have to buckle up and also defend our territories". 

He later decried the type of security apparatus put in place in the state saying that there is need to protect the territories against invaders who have now found businesses in the attack and kidnapping for ransom.


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I wish I Had Been In Politics 20 Years Ago, Says Ajimobi

Sat, 2019-05-25 10:56

Abiola Ajimobi, the outgoing Governor of Oyo State, has said he wish he had been in politics 20 years ago

The lame duck governor said this on Friday while addressing state house correspondents in Abuja.

He said he regrets spending 8 years in office because the impatience of the people inhibited him from executing all his plans.

However, he did not give details of the things or projects that he wanted to do but couldn’t because the people did not show enough understanding.

He said: “I think I regret the fact that I have not been able to do everything I wanted to do. I wish our people could be more understanding, could be more patient, but they feel that any time you try to make a change, people resist change even if it is good for them.

“I wish I had been in politics 20 years ago.”

On why he came to thank Buhari, the governor replied that due to the President’s several financial interventions in form of bailouts, he would exit office without leaving behind any unpaid salaries.

He also admitted that the bailouts helped his administration to complete a number of projects and made the state a lot more peaceful.

Ajimobi said, “I want to thank President Buhari for the support he has given all the states, particularly during the period of scarcity of funds to execute our projects, to pay salaries, to meet the socio-economic development demands.

“I am going to Umrah to thank God. When I came in, I pleaded with God to give me the opportunity to serve peacefully and that He did.

“I also want to thank the people of Oyo State for allowing me to be the first governor to do two terms of eight years; it has never happened in Oyo State.’’

As of February, the Federal Government disclosed that the total bailouts it gave to the 36 states and Paris Club Refund since 2015, stood at N1.19tn.

The governor also said that  Oyo State became more peaceful under him.

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Lawyer Slams CJN For Dinning With ‘President Who Shows Disdain For Rule Of Law’

Sat, 2019-05-25 10:54

Inibehe Effiong, a Lagos based human rights lawyer, has condemned Tanko Muhammad, the acting Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), and other judicial officers for attending a private dinner with Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari at the Villa on Thursday.

Effiong said on social media that the act was in contravention of the Code of Conduct for judicial officers.

He said it was not morally right for Buhari to host judges to social events when an election petition is pending against him.

He also berated the judges for associating with “President who has publicly asserted his disdain for the rule of law”.

According to Inibehi, Rule 1 of the Code of Conduct for Judicial Officers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 2016 states that judges must avoid gatherings that could appear to the public that they have been compromised.

He said”  “Rule 1.4 states: ‘The Judge must be sensitive to the need to avoid contacts that may lead people to speculate that there is a special relationship between him and someone who the judge may be tempted to favour in some way in the course of his judicial duties’.

“1.5 states: ‘A judicial officer must avoid social relationships that are improper or may give rise to an appearance of impropriety or that may cast doubt on the ability of a judicial officer to decide cases impartially.’”

Effiong said propriety and the appearance of propriety, both professional and personal, were essential elements of a judge’s life as  the public expects a high standard of conduct from them.

He said whenever a judge was invited to a gathering, they must ask: “How might this look in the eyes of the public?”

The lawyer said Justice Muhammad, who will most likely handle the election petition against Buhari, must not leave room for doubts.

Effiong added, “It is in Nigeria that intellectuals defend the madness and impropriety of politicians with so much passion.

“When you have the head of the judicial arm, dining with a President who has publicly asserted his disdain for the rule of law, a President who has a petition challenging his election before the courts, at a time that the judiciary is plagued by a crisis of confidence, and you still come here and insult me over my harmless observation, is there hope for the future of Nigeria?’’

“I have said it before and it bears repeating, it’s more about public perception and appearance of impropriety. Judges, unlike lawyers, are not allowed to associate or mingle with  society they live in. The fact that a judicial officer is also the head of the judicial arm of government does not change this ethical standard.”

He  recalled that President Donald Trump of the United States was berated across party lines for being too friendly with the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey, when the former was under probe.

He also  recalled how the Chief Justice of the US, John Roberts, publicly disagreed with Trump on how the judiciary should be run.

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