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Gunmen Invade Home of Ex-Bayelsa Senator, Bariagh-Amange

Wed, 2019-08-28 18:00

Some gunmen on Tuesday invaded the home of former lawmaker representing Bayelsa East Senatorial district at the National Assembly, Nimi Barigha-Amange, at the Ekeki Estate area of Yenagoa, the state capital.

The incident happened ‪around 2:00pm on Tuesday with two armed men with AK 47 rifles jumping into the compound. 

Barigha-Amange, who confirmed the development while speaking with Sahara Reporters, said the hoodlums invaded his home to carry out an evil plan.

He said, “They jumped into my compound and discovered I was not in the vehicle that entered. 

“They decided to ransack everywhere and jumped back from where they came from.

“This is not the first time such would be happening. Gunmen have invaded my home in the past.”

Speaking further, the former lawmaker disclosed that he had reported the case to the police for thorough investigation.

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Controversy Trails Delta Steel Company Assets Disposal

Wed, 2019-08-28 17:51


Mixed reactions have continued to trail vandalization, stripping and
sales of assets belonging to the defunct Delta Steel Company (DSC), in
Ovwian-Aladja communities of Udu local government area of Delta State,
by the new management of Premium Steel and Mines Limited, said to have
taken over the DSC.

It was gathered that various assets in the steel complex and housing
estates were being sold to the public while used vehicles and
heavy-duty machines were scrapped for sale by the new management of
Premium Steel and Mines Limited.

Reacting to development, President of Udu Youth Progressive Union,
Freedom Ovwemejepha, said, "There's no gainsaying the fact that the
whole essence of privatizing DSC as with other privatized erstwhile
government establishments was to reinvent the wheel by making it work
again and perhaps even better than when it was operated under
government's control and ownership.

"That was our expectations as the host communities. We envisaged a
scenario where our restive youths will once again be gainfully
employed in a steel complex that will not only be functional but
operating at full capacity to meet the competitive demands of its
products. Rather than revamp the steel complex. The company embarked
on large scale assets stripping exercise against the spirit of the
transaction. This malpractice continued unabated until Assets
Management Corporation of Nigeria took over DSC and sold it to the
present owners."

He added, "Even though the host communities were never consulted, we
expected that the present owners should, in line with international
best practices, engaged the host communities in order to achieve our
mutual expectations. However, what we are experiencing presently is
absolutely unacceptable to any civilized community. We have clear
proof that the present owners are engaging in serious malpractices
which include but are not limited to assets stripping, cannibalizing
the pieces of machinery."

Speaking in a similar vein, Jefia Dede, the union's scribe, stated,
"We are reliably informed that Premium Steel and Mines Limited has
already sold the DSC Model School II. Taking over of local schools,
sending our children out of school and carrying out their activities
with great impunity to the detriment of the host communities. Our
letter to AMCON to determine the scope of the transaction with Premium
Steel and Mines Limited got no response.

"We cannot continue to fold our hands and watch our commonwealth been
treated with impunity. We wish to reiterate our non-negotiable stand
to only support genuine investors that will ensure the resuscitation
of DSC plant built at enormous cost to the nation. The act of Premium
Steel and Mines Limited that recently stripped and sold off all
electricity transformers at permanent camp steel town II, vandalized
the telephone station at camp extension, removed all storage tanks and
took over the technical high school account were more ploy to size the
camp extension."

On his part, the Delta State chairman of the Committee for the Defence
of Human Rights (CDHR), Kehinde Taiga, said, "I will tell you that
Premium Steel company that took over the DSC are criminals. Not quite
long, some months ago, two trailers were arrested and were taken to
Ovwian division with some equipment of DSC to be sold out.

"They came to DSC to operate, they never bargained for the assets of
DSC. They were brought in to revive DSC and start operation, not to
sell the properties of DSC. What they are doing is against the
agreement they signed between with the federal government."

In a petition titled, 'Stop the sales/Assets Stripping of DSC
Properties (used vehicles/heavy duties) and others now',  addressed to
the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Premium Steel and Mines
Limited, signed by Matthew Uparan, President General, Ovwian
community, Ellas Dogene, President General, Aladja community, Emmanuel
Kpomalefe, President General, Ekete community, Victor Maveruo,
President-General, Orhuwhorun community, copied the state governor,
Ifeanyi Okowa, and obtained by our correspondent, called for the state
government's quick intervention.

Meanwhile, the General Manager, of Premium Steel and Mines Limited
(PSML), Samuel Tanno, has debunked the allegations levelled against
the company.

"Premium Steel is doing all these to have access to international
bodies to help us push out our products. We discovered that the local
market is getting very terrible and competitive. And if you are aware,
about nine firms have closed up in Lagos. The steel industry globally
is undergoing terrible times. We have taken a vow on our part and we
are not looking back. What is happening in the global steel market is
enough for one to pack out of the market.

"Yes, a lot has been said about asset stripping. Well if I own a
property, and I am doing systematic replacement of those properties, I
do not see why somebody should tell me am stripping assets. If
something is no longer useful, I don’t know whether one can call it an
asset. An asset is something valuable which I must keep either for
future or immediate use.

“If it is no longer useful I wouldn’t call it an asset. We have some
old trucks, somebody is telling me I should refurbish them, I said no
I don’t want to refurbish them but I want to buy new ones. What is
wrong with buying new ones and selling out the old ones? We removed
all of them and replaced them," Tanno said.

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Gunmen Shot Policeman, Two Others In Taraba A Day After Attacking Family Of Five

Wed, 2019-08-28 17:46


A policeman, bus driver, and his conductor shot in Takum, Taraba
state, Tuesday evening.

The attack came a day after a family of five was badly injured by
gunmen in Takum.

The victims are currently receiving treatment at Takum General
hospital, according to local sources from Kofai Amadu village, Takum.

The name of the policeman was given as Sergeant Mohammad Abdullahi,
that of the driver and his conductor were given as Sadiq Salihu and
Mallam lsiaku.

Shiban Tikari, council chairman of Takum, confirmed the attack.

He said, "Three vehicles were attacked along kofai Amadu road, close
to a village called Kpakufun."

The bus driver who could barely speak told SaharaReporters, "The
assailants came out from the bush, firing sporadically at the bus,
injuring me and other occupants of the bus."

The policeman was said to have been shot in a crossfire with the gunmen.

According to the chairman, a  police patrol vehicle ran into the
attackers and one of the policemen was shot and badly injured.

Meanwhile, the state police command has yet to confirm the incident,
as the command's spokesman, David Misal, said, "I've yet to be briefed
on the attacks."

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EFCC: 328 More Detectives To Join Anti-Corruption Agency By Saturday

Wed, 2019-08-28 16:38


Three hundred and twenty-eight detectives of the  Economic and
Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) will on Saturday graduate from the
Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA).

This was disclosed in a statement by the EFCC on Wednesday.

The graduation, which will feature a colourful passing out parade at
NDA Parade Ground, Ribadu Campus, Kaduna, follows the completion of a
year-long intensive training of the operatives in the elite training

The reviewing officer for the parade is President Muhammadu Buhari and
the host is Governor Nasir el-Rufai.

The passing out parade of the Course 8 officers will be preceded on
Friday, August 30, 2019, by a pre-graduation cocktail party for the
cadets and their parents, at NDA Cadets Mess, Ribadu Campus, Kaduna.

Driven by the need for improved professionalism and dedication to
duty, the acting Chairman of the EFCC, Ibrahim Magu in 2016, commenced
the training of the commission’s cadets in the NDA which produced
EFCC’s “Course 7” officers in 2017, comprising 314 detective

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Nigerians Speak Out: Are Victims of Online Scam Greedy?

Wed, 2019-08-28 16:16


The recent indictment of 77 Nigerians by the United States' Federal
Bureau of Investigation has raised questions about the morals of
victims of online scams.

A number of Nigerian youths argued that some people fall for numerous
online frauds because of their greed.

SaharReporters spoke with some young Nigerians.

Yussuf Anka, a student of Ahmadu Bello University, said the many
foreigners, particularly the whites, are victims because they are
corrupt and looking to cut corners too.

"All the time we only hear the arrest of Nigerians no one tells us
about the deals. Some times they are defrauded in their efforts to
by-pass laws of securing properties in Africa. The other time we heard
about a fraudulent sale of an airport. Probably the victim was
avoiding the proper process, tax, engaging companies and lawyers and
all that. They want to easily secure things since they think we are
corrupt. Some times the yahoo fraudsters disguise as government
officials promising them corrupt cheap deals and contracts," he said.

A student of Lagos State Polytechnic, Dotun Olawoye, also blamed the
misfortune and the greedy tendencies of victims who are looking to
secure 'palaces in Africa'.

He said: "So we've heard stories of white folks trying to buy
'palaces' and 'African king' crowns believed to be very powerful and
are worth billions of dollars.

"And the fraudsters package these things for them, tell them the
actually worth, then give them out for a far lower (most times
ridiculous) price but the white folks who want to own these 'powerful
crowns' and big kingdom in Africa jump at it believing the scammer
doesn't know the worth

"Even though there's no 'crown' or 'kingdom' anywhere for sale on
Amazon or Jumia!

"This is just one example, there are different stories because some if
not most of these people actually believe they are the smart ones
until they realize they are the victim."

However, he added that the actions of the fraudsters were not justifiable.

"Because there are real victims, innocent people out there suffering
from these acts and it's sad Nigerian youths now see this as an
alternative," he explained.

Qudus Balogun, a chartered accountant, believed that only a greedy
person would fall for the tricks of fraudsters.

"Only the greedy ones fall for scams, they want to make quick money.
The whites are not fools, they only want to invest in miracles, that's
why they get swindled. Investing in miracles is nothing but greed

"He wants to make quick money because it's quick and returns on it
seem huge as well. He refuses to carry out all due diligence, he
refuses to consult because he wants to make the money secretly, he
refuses to do so many things because he wants to own the money all

"The white man that falls victim of a scam at this age, in my opinion,
is a greedy person and if not greedy, then, he is a thief too," said
the accountant.

Others who spoke with SaharaReporters said fraud victims were naive
and gullible.

According to Tella Temitope, who described himself as a business
coach, describing all the victims as greedy would be unfair.

He said: "Depends on the type of scam they fall for. Sometimes it's
not greed. It's a quest for a better life. You show me an opportunity,
sounds cool, I agree and I fall for the scam.

"Another could be marriage or dating. I need a better half, you
'convinced' - lied to - me, in my believing you were real. I sent you
money but you ran away. With the above, I just feel the Whites were
just naive and human."

Zainab Yussuf, a media enthusiast, said the fraudsters preyed on
weaknesses and insecurity of their victims, particularly in relation
to a romance scam.

She said: "Well, I have noticed that even those that fall victim and
are married are usually people who are lonely and depressed. They
crave for sweet words and attention that the fraudsters seem to give
them. Often times, victims are fat and ugly and pretty much seem like
easy targets. Weight and beauty are the two major factors of low
self-esteem and depression."

Davies Ikpoyi, a media practitioner, corroborated Yussuf.

He stated that fraudsters preyed on victims' weaknesses and that their
targets should not be blamed.

According to him, the romance scam is plain wickedness and criminal.

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Updated: Judge Declines To Hear Sowore's Application, Says She Lacks Jurisdiction To Do so

Wed, 2019-08-28 14:35

Omoyele Sowore

Omoyele Sowore SaharaReporters Media


The federal high court sitting in Abuja has declined to hear the motion filed by Sowore as the court referred the matter back to the vacation judge Justice Taiwo Taiwo.

Justice Nkweonye Maha said she did not have the jurisdiction to review the decision by Justice Taiwo Taiwo. She noted that the ruling of the vacation judge stated the matter would be heard on September 21.

The judge said she had no authority to proceed or review the judgment of her colleagues and that she would like to preserve the order of the court.

In his argument Sowore's lawyer, Femi Falana, argued that in line with order 26 of the federal high court procedure stated that anybody who is affected by an ex parte order can approach the same court to set aside such order. See ONOGORUWA VS  IGP.

He submitted that Sowore's application was bordered on a violation of human rights and the judge (Maha) had the right to hear and review the previous order. 

Falana said the judge would do justice to the case by hearing it, adding that the applicant was unnecessarily being punished in detention. He, therefore, made an oral application for bail of the applicant.

But the judge held that the matter be referred to the vacation judge and said that there was nothing before her to  grant the bail application.

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Libya Returnees: Another Batch Of 153 Stranded Nigerians Arrived Nigeria Today, Says NEMA

Wed, 2019-08-28 14:05

Libya returnees

Libya returnees SaharaReporters Media


The National Emergency Management Agency has received another batch of
153 stranded Nigerians from Libya.

The Director-General of NEMA, Mustapha Maihajja, represented by Slaku
Lugard, an official of the agency, received the returnees on Wednesday
in Lagos State.

Maihajja said that the Nigerians arrived in the Cargo Wing of the
Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, at 3:45 am

According to him, the returnees are brought via Al Buraq Air Boeing
737 aircraft with flight number UZ 189 and registration number 5A-DMG.

He said that the Nigerians were brought by the International
Organisation for Migration and European Union on the platform of the
Assisted Voluntary Returnees Programme.

He also said that the returnees comprised 59 female adults, four
female children, and seven female infants as well as 78 adult males,
three male children, and two male infants.

Other agencies which received the returnees included the Nigeria
Immigration Service and the National Agency for the Prohibition of
Trafficking in Persons.

Others were the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria and the Edo Task
Force on Anti-Trafficking.

In July 2018, NEMA announced that it received a batch of 160 Assisted
Voluntary Returnees from Libya who were stranded in failed attempts to
reach different European countries, News Agency of Nigeria reports.

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BREAKING: Judge Declines To Hear Sowore's Application, Says She Lacks Jurisdiction To Do So

Wed, 2019-08-28 13:38

A federal high court sitting in Abuja has declined to hear the motion filed by Sowore as the court referred the matter back to the vacation judge Justice Taiwo Taiwo.

Justice Nkweonye Maha said she did not have the jurisdiction to review the decision by Justice Taiwo Taiwo. She noted that the ruling of the vacation judge stated the matter would be held 45 days September 21.

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BREAKING: Court Stands Down Hearing of Sowore's Motion For One Hour

Wed, 2019-08-28 12:22

 The presiding judge , Justice Nkeonye Maha of the federal high court Abuja has stand down the hearing of the motion filed by the human rights activist, Omoyele Sowore for one hour.

This was as a result of the application made by Sowore's lawyer, Samuel Ogala who is holding brief for Femi Falana the lead counsel that ( Falana ) was still on his way from the airport. He pleaded to the court to tarry a while in hearing the case.

Counsel to the DSS did not not object to the application .

The matter was therefore stood down till 10 :42am .

Sowore had asked the court to set aside the order permitting the Department of State Service  (DSS) to detain him for 45 days. 

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Two Nigerian Brothers In India For Surgery Robbed Of $1,800 By Locals Posing As Policemen

Wed, 2019-08-28 10:30

India Police

India Police


According to the police, the 31-year-old complainant had come to
Gurugram on Thursday for his brother’s urological surgery at a
hospital in Sector 51.

They had booked a room at a guest house near the hospital.

Two days after two Nigerian nationals came to Gurugram city for a
surgery at a private hospital, three persons, including a woman,
allegedly duped them of $1,800 (about ₹1.28 lakh) near a guest house
in Sector 52 on Saturday.

The police said that the suspects posed as police officers and
insisted on checking the currency that the two brothers were carrying.

According to the police, the 31-year-old complainant had come to
Gurugram on Thursday for his brother’s urological surgery at a
hospital in Sector 51. They had booked a room at a guest house near
the hospital.

The incident took place around 4.20pm on Saturday when the victims
were returning to their room after visiting the hospital.

“We were outside the guest house when a silver-coloured car stopped
near us. There were two men and a woman in the car. They said they
were police officials and wanted to check our passports and the
currency that we were carrying,” the victim stated in the first
information report (FIR).

The police said that the complainant later realized that the suspects
had allegedly taken $1,800 from the total cash which he had given them
for checking. The complainant then registered a police complaint with
the help of an interpreter.

Sub-inspector Mahesh Kumar with the Sector 53 police station, said the
suspects were not wearing police uniforms.

“They checked the victim’s passport and currency while sitting in the
car. They posed as police officers but were not armed. We have
retrieved the CCTV footage of the incident, but the car’s registration
number is not clearly visible. The suspects are yet to be arrested.
Police are investigating the case,” he said.

A case was registered against the three persons under sections 379
(theft) and 420 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code at Sector 53
police station on Monday.

Similar incidents have been reported from the city in the past,
wherein accused have posed as police officers and stolen money from
foreign nationals, the police said, adding that most of these cases
have been reported from sectors 51, 38 and 43, Huda City Centre and
Sushant Lok, Hindustan Times report.

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'Remember Road That Leads Home', Ambassador Tells Liberians In Nigeria

Wed, 2019-08-28 10:28

Al-Hassan Conteh, Liberia’s ambassador to Nigeria has cautioned
Liberians living in the country to “remember the road that leads
(them) home".

This was disclosed in a statement released by the Liberian Embassy in
Nigeria following the Fourth Annual National Convention of the
Organization of Liberian Communities in Nigeria (OLICON) to celebrate
Liberia’s 172nd independence and Flag Day.

He said: “So, I am drawing my message from that popular song of the
South African singer, Master KG and vocal powerhouse Zanda Zakuza,
that says, ‘Remember the road that leads you home’.”

Conteh also briefed scores of Liberians about current developments
back home under the leadership of President George Weah.

The ambassador added: “Such include President Weah’s administration’s
efforts in consolidating the peace and stability such that a new
generation of children are growing up without hearing the sound of

“I commend you, Liberians in Nigeria, for being law-abiding. The
embassy has not received a single case of any Liberian violating the
laws of Nigeria. I advise you to remain law-abiding and not to forget
to contribute positively to Liberia, your homeland.”

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2 Policemen Involved In Killing Of Daudu Waliu, Father Of 4, Arrested -Police

Wed, 2019-08-28 10:20

Lagos state Commissioner of Police, Zubairu Muazu

Lagos state Commissioner of Police, Zubairu Muazu vanguard


The Lagos State Police Command says it has arrested two policemen
involved in the death of a father of four, Daudu Waliu.

Punch reports that the father of four, who was into rentals, had gone
to pack chairs rented by the Celestial Church of Christ when he was
hit by a stray bullet on Sunday at Ladipo in Oshodi.

It was gathered that the cops, who accompanied a dignitary to the
church’s event, fired shots to scare away some miscreants, who had
accosted their principal.

The spokesman for the police in Lagos, Bala Elkana, said, “We have
commenced an investigation into the matter by tracing the guest who
came with the mobile policemen and we have identified him, which led
to the arrest of the two mobile policemen, who are in our custody.

“One of them admitted that he fired a shot where he was, while the
victim was on another street. We are still investigating. If the
officers are found guilty of professional misconduct, they will be
dismissed from service and charged with murder, but we are still
investigating why the shot was fired.”

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Alleged Missing N150 Million: Anambra Youths Want Igwe Alex Edozieuno Arrested, Prosecuted

Wed, 2019-08-28 10:19


Youths of Mkpu-Nando in the Anambra East Local Government Area of
Anambra State, on Tuesday, staged a protest against their monarch,
Igwe Alex Edozieuno, over the alleged misappropriation of N150m land
proceeds belonging to the community.

Displaying placards with various inscriptions, the youth and women
asked the monarch to produce the missing money to avoid further rage.

Some of the inscriptions on the placards read, ‘He must refund our
money’, ‘We don’t need this kind of monarch again’, ‘This Igwe should
be arrested and prosecuted’, ‘Governor Willie Obiano come and rescue’,
Punch reports.

They marched on the Ama Umuawulu village square and other roads in the
community, including the frontage of the monarch’s palace singing
uncomplimentary songs about the Igwe.

Security operatives, however, prevented the crowd of about 400
persons, from entering the monarch’s compound.

The leader of the protesters, Ifeanyi Iloakasia, a lawyer, said the
state government should order the monarch to refund the money to the

He said the N150 million was the compensation the state government
paid to the community for acquiring land in the community.

“If the government fails to intervene and retrieve the money from
Igwe, we will not have any option but to resort to self-help.

“The monarch and the estate valuer are in an unholy alliance to rip
off the Mkpunando community and we will not allow this to happen in
our place.

“The total money paid to the community by the government was N150m,
while the commission was N15 million for the facilitators and till
date, we have not received anything from the Igwe,” Iloakasia

However, Edozieuno told Punch that the protesters were liars, adding
that he did not owe anybody or group.

According to him, the main issue for the protesters’ action was not
the money, but because he defeated the family of the initiators during
the kingship contest.

He said, “Since then, some of them have refused to give up. They know
that I am a rich man that I have no reason to touch their money. I
made money when I was 20 years old and bought my first car at that age
also. Their allegations hold no water.”

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Badoo Boys: Ibadan Residents Fear For Life Over Recent Killings As Police Promise To Nab Perpetrators

Wed, 2019-08-28 10:15


The Oyo State Police Command says Ibadan residents should stay calm
over recent killings being linked to 'Badoo boys' that once terrorized
Ikorodu in Lagos State.

According to Punch, the residents of Abatakan, Ojoo, Fatokun, Moniya,
Olomowewe, and Akingbile have been living in fear in the last few

As a consequence, the residents have resorted to returning home early
from their daily activities and remain indoors, while advising
visitors to call them on the phone before venturing into the areas.

A resident, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said, “People in
my area now bolt their doors around 5.30 pm; whoever wants to visit
must call and be properly identified.

“Even those, who sell consumables, now ask their customers to call
them before they can open their doors.”

About six people have been reportedly killed in three operations in
the last month by hoodlums suspected to be members of the gang in
different locations in the affected areas.

Apart from the six, who lost their lives in strange circumstances,
Punch reported that a woman was hospitalized with a very deep cut
allegedly sustained after she was attacked by the hoodlums.

The victim, according to sources, is in a coma as of the time of
filing this report.

The spokesman for the Nigeria Police Force in the state, Olugbenga
Fadeyi, said, “I want to appeal to residents not to entertain any fear
over this development as the police will apprehend the suspects

“Residents of the state, including journalists, should not be too
quick to compare the operation of these attackers to that of Badoo
boys of the Ikorodu, Lagos, experience. We should not engage in
anything that will create fear in the hearts of the people.

“I am saying this because people tend to believe the story and maybe
running helter-skelter when the case has not actually degenerated to
that level.

“Already, the command is clamping down on some suspects; very soon,
the police authority will definitely parade them. Again, people should
be ready to assist the police with credible information though we have
our officers, both uniformed and others in the neighbourhoods.

“People with credible information should endeavour to call our control
room on 07055495413 and 08081768614 from every nook and cranny of the
state to report distress situations.”

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Buhari Violates Rule Of Law, Femi Adesina, Garba Shehu Justify Violations -Legal Expert, Jiti Ogunye

Wed, 2019-08-28 10:11


A prominent human rights lawyer, Jiti Ogunye, says the President
Muhammadu Buhari regime has little or no regard for the rule of law in

He also accused Buhari's spokesmen, Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu of
justifying the violations of people's rights in the country.

Ogunye stated that the All Progressives Congress-led federal
government was characterized by various violations of the rule of law.

“We have the violations of the rule of law with the spokespersons for
the government in the executive branch of the federal government of
Nigeria justifying these violations on all sorts of grounds, including
the ground of national security.

“My take is that this government is not fully observant of the rule of
law. We can’t be debating these issues as if we don’t know what we are
talking about.

“There are clear cases of violations. The court will give orders in
respect of clear cases, in respect of certain persons to be released
and they are not released,” he said.

The legal practitioner stated this while appearing on a ChannelsTV programme.

He also accused the Buhari regime of not obeying court orders under
the guise of 'national security'.

Ogunye’s comments came on the heels of the arrest, detention, and
arraignment of human rights activist, Omoyele Sowore by the Department
of State Services (DSS) for organizing the #RevolutionNow protest
which the federal government claimed was an attempt to violently
overthrow Buhari.

Sowore was an opponent of the incumbent president in the last
presidential election.

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Boko Haram/ISWAP: Gunmen Kill 11 Construction Workers In Nigeria

Wed, 2019-08-28 10:06


Gunmen from an IS-affiliated jihadist group on Tuesday shot dead 11
local construction workers in the North-East, a militia leader and
resident said.

The fighters belonging to Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP)
opened fire on the workers as they were laying telecom fibre optic
cables in Wajirko village, 150 kilometres (93 miles) outside Borno
state capital Maiduguri, they said.

"The insurgents came in the morning and opened fire on the workers,
killing 11 and injuring many," militia leader Mustapha Karimbe told
Agence France Presse.

He said the victims were locals contracted as casual labourers by a
telecom firm.

"The attackers had warned the labourers to stop working on laying the
cables but they ignored the warning because they needed money to feed
their families," Karimbe said from the town of Biu, 50 km away.

Those injured were taken to a hospital in the nearby town of Damboa, he said.

The jihadists "came around" on three separate occasions and warned the
men to stop the work which the group saw as a threat, said resident
Bukar Maduye.

"Our people are starving and the laying of the cables provides some of
us a good source of income which was why we ignored the warning," said
Maduye, who gave the same toll.

ISWAP is known to have a strong presence in Wajirko and neighbouring
areas although it is close to Sambisa forest, the major enclave of
rival Boko Haram jihadists.

The IS-supported jihadists have carried out several attacks targeting
Nigerian troops in the area.

In April, the militants looted and burnt a military base in Wajirko,
after fierce fighting with soldiers who were forced to withdraw.

Since then, troops have abandoned the base and the village was left
without protection save snap military patrols which are prone to
jihadist attacks.

In June, three soldiers were killed in an ISWAP ambush on a military
patrol near the village.

ISWAP split from Boko Haram in 2016 over ideological differences and
the latter's indiscriminate attacks on civilians.

ISWAP focuses its attacks on military targets.

However, the group has in recent months been accused of raiding
villages and looting food supplies.

The killing of the construction workers could be the group's first
such attack on civilians and it was unclear if it was an isolated case
or a shift in tactics.

The decade-long violence which has spilled into neighbouring Niger,
Chad, and Cameroon, has killed 35,000 people and displaced about two
million in Nigeria alone, prompting a regional military coalition to
fight the jihadist groups, reports AFP.

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Nigerian Christians, Muslims Hold Summit Thursday With Sultan, CAN President Taking Lead

Wed, 2019-08-28 10:03


The Sultan of Sokoto and President of the Nigeria Supreme Council for
Islamic Affair (NSCIA), Alhaji Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar, and the
President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Dr. Samson
Olasupo Ayokunle, will on Thursday in Abuja lead others on a one-day
youth summit on peace-building in Nigeria.

Co-conveners of the summit, Barrister Tahir Umar Tahir and Ambassador
Simion A. Dolly, disclosed on Tuesday in Abuja that the two leaders
and others had confirmed their participation and that it was part of
measures to address some recent developments in the country.

The event, National Muslim and Christian Youth Summit, has the theme:
'Towards Peaceful and Harmonious Nigeria: The Role of Christian and
Muslim Youths' is jointly organised by Community and Youth Development
(CYD) and Christian Youth for Peace and Development Initiative

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23 Nigerians On Saudi Death Row: Buhari Regime Says It's Working To Get 'Just' Solution

Wed, 2019-08-28 09:59


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says 23 Nigerians convicted for drug
offences in Saudi Arabia have not been executed yet.

According to the ministry, the President Muhammadu Buhari regime is
doing its best to get the convicts off the death row.

The suspects were arrested between 2016 and 2017 at King Abdul-Aziz
International Airport, Jeddah, and Prince Muhammad Bin Abdu-Aziz
International Airport, Madinah.

The ministry, in a statement on Tuesday by its spokesperson, Ferdinand
Nwonye, said it was in contact with the Nigerian embassy in Saudi

Ferdinand said, “The federal government is, therefore, engaging the
Saudi authorities through diplomatic channels with a view to finding a
just solution.”

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Insecurity: 3 Arrested Over Attack On Deputy Governor, Killing Of 3 Policemen, 2 Others, Police Say

Wed, 2019-08-28 09:48


Three people have been arrested in connection with a recent attack on the convoy of Nasarawa State Deputy Governor, Emmanuel Akabe.

The state Commissioner of Police, Bola Longe, on Tuesday, confirmed that the suspects were arrested in Nasarawa Eggon and Akwanga Local Government Areas.

Akabe was attacked last week during which five persons, including three policemen, were killed, reports Daily Trust.

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Police Denies Attacking 98-Year-Old Woman With AK-47 Rifle In Anambra

Wed, 2019-08-28 09:44


Anambra State Police Command says its cops did not attack a
98-year-old woman with an AK-47 rifle in the course of trying to
arrest a suspect in the state.

It was reported in the media that the alleged victim accused the
police of hitting her with the rifle.

But in a statement by SP Haruna Mohammed, spokesman for the command,
the police said, "The attention of the Anambra State Police Command
has been drawn to online media reports that 'Policemen attached to the
Command Special Anti-robbery Squad have allegedly beaten up a 98-years
old Woman Cecilia Okpalaku of Achina in Aguata LGA of Anambra State,
and assaulted her with Ak-47 rifle over a family dispute'. The
publication is not only false but totally misleading.

"The real fact in issue was that on the 19/8/2019 the Commissioner of
Police received a formal complaint from a legal practitioner that his
client one Esther Nzekwe was assaulted by her fiancee one Emeka
Okpalaku and that the man also confiscated her credentials including
her NYSC call up letter in order to prevent her from reporting to NYSC
camp which dateline closes on the 20/8/2019."

The police further claimed, "The complainant further alleged that the
suspect was planning to travel back to Japan where he based. Following
the petition, the Commissioner of Police CP John B.Abang ordered for a
full-scale investigation into the matter. Police detectives visited
the house to invite the suspect but as soon as he sighted the Police,
he quickly ran inside the house and locked all the entrances.

"All efforts by the police to prevail on the suspect to open the doors
proved abortive until the police used the power of ingress in
accordance with section 7(1&2) CPA laws of the Federation to gain
access into the house but the suspect eventually escaped.
Consequently, the police equally rescued a one-year-old daughter of
the complainant who was equally locked inside the house and left
crying without care.

"To date, the suspect is still on the run and has not returned the
credentials he forcefully collected from the lady while an
investigation is still ongoing.

"The command is wondering why the very person who allegedly assaulted
a woman and deprived her of participating in the national youth
service will be the very person spreading the falsehood that police
assaulted a 98-year-old woman using AK-47 rifle which was totally
false and unfounded."

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